Carly Connected Car – Promotion

We talked about it on the Episode 45 Patreon preshow and will talk a lot more about Carly on Episode 45. They sent us this little unlocked device and let us play with it for a month before we recorded.
Personally, it was a frightening reality check on Treehugger, the 2010 Toyota 4Runner! I can imagine these kinds of tools are pretty handy when you have a few cars in the garage.  (Daryl Scott for instance!)  See the actual report on the left.  Very Bad!!!  What’s up with that? Listen to Episode 45 for the entire story.
Daryl, on the other hand, used the live streaming data to make sure his Toyota Solara was running fine… And tweaked some dealer-only settings. 
As part of Carly’s advertising push, they’ve offered our listeners a little better discount than what you can get on their site. 15% off.  
We Googled it…  You can get 10% off other places…  But 15% is solid.  
Enjoy Episode 45… out soon!

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Promotion Code: TWA15

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