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Episode 19 – Colorado, C8’s and Roller Dogs

Thanks for tuning in for another episode of Throwin’ Wrenches Podcast. Daryl and Eric are back for another episode of project updates, trail news,  and automotive news from international, national and local levels the hope you’ll find interesting.

We’d also like to say thanks for all the feedback we’ve received on the show. We love the comments – especially when they are complimentary!  Yes, we are the auto podcast in Peoria that is not recorded underwater!

Eric and Daryl are raising the podcast intro game…  We have some fun letting you know about your hosts!  Are you sick of it yet? Let us know in the comments section below! 


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We’ve received quite a few good show ideas from listeners in recent months, and we will take note and try to work those into the upcoming schedule. Another recent show idea was offered by a longtime listener who suggested we add a little bit of movie trivia and pop culture to the show with a deep dive into the James Bond movie cars. From the Aston Martin DB5 to the underwater Lotus, (and even the BMW years) we could do a ranking of the coolest cars that 007 drove on his missions. We may be able to accommodate this… so thank you for the suggestion!


Daryl is working his new side hustle of rebuilding carburetors. He’s also been doing some maintenance on the wife’s daily driver Jeep, but not the cool kind of Jeep. (It’s a Patriot. Yep.)

Eric didn’t do much to any of his cars since the last episode. Or his tractor. (He also didn’t start that new Doomsday Diesels Podcast, which we thought really had legs.)  He did, however, get out to Colorado for a Pre-Run of FJ Summit with a few other Toyota 4Runner guys.  Eric talks at length about the area, trails and the event that’s become a big deal in the little town of Ouray, Colorado.  Did you make FJ Summit?  We would love to hear your feedback! Drop us a line at


C8 Corvette in driveway

C8 vs Supra is shaping up to be the next Battle Royale (with cheese?) this model year.  Earlier this month, Chevrolet unveiled the next-generation 2020 Corvette and the internet blew up. The 2020 Toyota GR Supra also debuted to an eager automotive press. In your mind, what car was the more exciting launch?  Are you a purist who believes the mid-engine design of the new C8 ‘Vette is an abomination or do agree with Eric and think this is the first Corvette to match up with super-cars of the world? We’re eager to hear your thoughts.

Heat Waves and USPS Trucks

A U.S. Postal Service mail carrier passed away when the heat hit record 117-degree temperatures in California.  Her LLV postal truck was not equipped with air conditioning and Daryl wonders if adding AC to these aging delivery trucks is too much to ask… Meanwhile, Eric wonders if it matters, as robots will not need AC when they are making your drone deliveries from Amazon in a few years.


The Wall Street Journal published a piece about the amazing cars being cranked out by ICON Motorworks.  If you’re not familiar with these folks, definitely check out the article link.  We wonder out-loud if spending $300,000 on a vehicle that can be held to antique vehicle standards is pushing safety and emissions loopholes a little too far. Cool-looking stuff, though.

Are U.S. CAFE Standards are on the ropes?

fossil fuels are yummy sticker

The Trump administration is re-examining the Obama-era fuel efficiency standards that would have mandated automakers’ Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) fleet standards to 47  miles-per-gallon by 2020.  We will know later this summer, but it looks like the business-friendly Trump administration will probably knock that number down to 37 miles-per-gallon.  While they’re at it, Trump officials are taking aim at California to see if they can call their emissions standards unlawful.  Get your air-poppers at the ready. This one could be fun!

Tesla Possibly Coming to Central Illinois

Elon Musk in Normal IllinoisAccording to a report on WEEK, Tesla, the all-electric manufacturer is opening a service center the Towanda Barnes Business Park soon.  It’s not enough to have a single Tesla technician roaming the streets and roads of Central Illinois, they need a place to get some larger maintenance and repair work done to serve their customers.  We got a good laugh at the reporters call to Rivian for an opinion on the matter.  Maybe R.J. Scaringe can get called every time we do a “Moment of Musk“?

Man Leads Police on Third High-Speed Chase This Year

Daryl has been listening to his police scanner lately, and it sounds like law enforcement officials had yet another high-speed chase through Tazewell County with the same suspect. This guy has tried to out run police not once, not twice, but three times since January of 2019.  In the end, he tried to get “suicide by police”, but his plan didn’t work out the way he wanted.  Instead, the criminal was shot with rubber balls and tazed… again. He was taken to jail… again. We’re sure we’ll hear his name… again. But this dude needs serious help before he kills himself, other motorists, or a law enforcement official. We rattle on about public health and probably wander a bit outside the automotive scene on this one.

Moment of Musk

Elon Musk is trying to plant microchips in your brain…  for your convenience, of course!  His biotech venture, Nuralink appears to be working for rats and chimps.  Let’s tie our smartphones, Google Home, and Amazon Echo technology into our brains!  (Why do I keep getting Ben & Jerry’s delivered via PRIME?  Who ordered this Jenna Jameson greatest hits collection?)  The good news? Eventually, everyone will tell you with their mind if the “cow is getting out of the barn”.  Cheers to the Hive Mind!

Riff Zone

Eric is wondering where the line is drawn on professional courtesy when dealing with deal-seekers at your local small business.  Daryl recalls a deal-seeking incident from a greedy customer at a local taco joint. (Mmmmmm,  tacos!)

Daryl is upset with a trucker who cut him off last week… but then takes it all back because it was hot outside and maybe he had heatstroke from his non-air-conditioned day cab tractor!  (Eric did complain a disproportionate amount about the hot automotive shop last week, blame him for softening Daryl up on the subject!)

Cars of the Weak


1975 Corvette Stingray Convertible – $16,000

1975 Corvette Stingray convertible

There was a Corvette for sale on Route 29 in Pekin I saw today. It was a cherry-colored ’75 Stingray convertible with a black top. I looked all over Craigslist and Facebook marketplace. to see if I could find the ad, and it wasn’t there! Where would it be posted?  Eventually, I found it… but not because of its lurid description.

“1975 Corvette Stingray 4 sp. 57000 mi $16,000 ph [hidden information]”

What a write-up!  Wow!  (Complete sarcasm.

Side note: Does anyone remember the newspaper ads that Midtown Imports used to put in the Journal Star or the Tradin’ Post? Those were word porn and I think they probably sold some cars.  Can we get some lessons on writing a proper auto ad?


1923 Franklin Demi-Sedan – $18,000

1923 Franklin

A unique half open, half closed touring sedan with an air-cooled engine. Pretty far ahead of its time and unique. Built from 1902 until 1934 by the H.H. Franklin Company in Syracuse, New York, these rare automobiles don’t come up for sale often. This black on black sedan sold new for $2250 and has a fair amount of patina. It needs everything but appears complete. Located in Geneseo. We’d be into it for less money, but otherwise a fun project for sure.

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