Episode 54 – Risky Business Porsche, GTI showdown and AirBNB Vanlife

The Autopodcast that was completely right about Lordstown Motors!

On this episode of Throwin’ Wrenches…  Blue Cruise News, Rivian has fat stacks of cash to burn, Bezo’s and Elon are in a measuring contest, and somebody bought the Porsche from risky business…  I’m not sure I would have paid that much unless it came with Rebecca De Mornay!  

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Fort’s Toyota of Pekin



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NONE – Except for Marina Elizabeth.  She is hot on Daryl based on repeated emails to that effect.

RACE DAILY KILL is back for another fun round of spirited debate!  1990 Golf GTI vs a 2005 and a 2020!  Who comes up with this stuff?



I think I had a panic attack on Saturday before racing… I tell the story of a racing heart on Saturday during AutoX in Pekin.

No Southern Cruiser Crawl this year for Eric…  Homecoming for his senior!  

Bought a camper!  Riverside Retro 166 in teal blue.   It’s a cutie and needs a name!  


Got the ‘55 Plymouth back on the road. The new radiator is perfect, fuel pump works great.

Took it to Cars & Coffee just in time to make sure the wipers still worked. Great to have it back in action. 

Next up: Winterizing and then digging into the windows & inner doors on the ‘58 Plymouth. 


TWISM  This week in social mediaRisky Business Porsche 928 ready to hit the water!

  • Risky Business Porsche Sells…  For a LOT!  We wonder out loud who would pay millions of dollars for a showroom fresh Porsche 928  (Did the new owner say “Sometimes you just have to say…  WTF”?)
  • Read all about it here

International News:

  • Foxconn EV production plan back in motion with Lordstown Motors’ Ohio plant acquisition, says GlobalData Media Centre
  • Car sales plunge as chip shortages choke off supply  By Chris Isidore, CNN Business
  • Volvo says the shift to electric cars is the reason behind its $2.9 billion IPO – Source: CNBC

National News:


We did the math so you don’t have to…  That’s 5.5 million a day…  for 182 days this year.  228,000 and hour.  3800 a minute and 63.00 a second.  I mean really… To have a factory and lots of people walking around working on a new car company…  63.00 a second is not bad? I could pay for a couple of seconds of owning a company like that!

Moment of Musk:

Elon Musk, having edged once again past Jeff Bezos on the world’s-wealthiest-human list, wants to send his space and riches rival a keepsake.

“I’m sending a giant statue of the digit ‘2′ to Jeffrey B., along with a silver medal,” Musk told Forbes upon being asked for comment on becoming the third person ever to amass a $200 billion fortune.

And there you have it…  Rich dorks.  I wonder if the ego strokes were the same for folks during the industrial revolution.  Vanderbilts and Rothschild send each other childish western unions whenever one had an accomplishment? 


  • Motorcycle dude, who felt it is his duty to shoot me the miles per hour?  Flashed 5-5 at me with his left hand as I passed him on the left.  Are you the citizen guard?


Daryl: 1984 Ford Thunderbird Elan – $6,700

Source: Facebook Marketplace

Super clean piece of nostalgia. 302 V-8 with fuel injection, zero rust on a dark steel blue body with charcoal velour interior, everything works, and documentation of service records. Runs strong and drives well and is in nearby Galesburg. This is the second year of the “Aero” T-bird/Cougar designs by Ford designer Jack Telnack, which also included the Tempo and the Taurus. There weren’t may other US cars in 1984 that looked this good. Pull up an 84 Monte Carlo or a 1984 Dodge Mirada… not even close. A good buy for the money. 

Eric:  1996 Toyota HiAce Van

This beauty is online and still for sale in Chicago…  The HiAce has underpinnings of a Toyota Truck underneath…  But can hold 3 or 4 rows of passengers.  It’s got me written all over it!  Oh, it’s probably a scam…  The owner is in Kansas City… and this van is covered in Japanese decals.

Buy it from under me here:  https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/175366021337110/


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