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Episode 71 – Calling Escort Nation – Tim Oyer Interview

Welcome to the automotive podcast that found the low water mark!  Sorry, that was as bit of reference to audio quality (not the guest) on the last ep!  We strive to bring you the best… We will do better.  We promise!

Yes, we talk about the Ford Escort ZX2 a lot in this episode. You might learn a thing or twelve!

On this episode of Throwin’ Wrenches…

    • We have a guest and it’s not Gabe Casey or Regan!
    • Jay Leno has a fire, and Daryl has the details
    • Teslas are burning after Hurricaine Ian

All that and more on this episode of Throwin’ Wrenches Podcast. 

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Fort’s Toyota of Pekin

Gabe Casey


Tim Oyer Interview

We talk to Tim at length about the 2022 SCCA Nationals and how he faired with his Ford Escort ZX2.  We talk about the season leading up to the event, along with the logistics it takes to get signed up and ready to race.

All in all, win or lose, SCCA nationals sounds like a great time for newbies to experienced drivers.
We also manage to discuss why he continues to campaign a rather unique autocross car, a late 90’s Ford Escort ZX2.

Photo: Logicisme (CC 3.0)

We’ll learn about the hidden beauty behind this chassis, Tim’s fabrication skills, and how his passion for the sport has grown over the years thanks to these little cars.

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We talk about gas vapors and how dangerous old car fuel systems can be.  We are so glad that Jay Leno is OK and hope he keeps getting his hands dirty working on his old cars!

200 HP Prius?  Yeah, Eric complains about it!  But he would drive it.

Teslas have a “Burning down the house” problem after the South Florida Hurricane that destroyed Fort Myers Beach.  Salt Water and EV batteries do not mix!?!?!  Who woulda thunk that?

Cars of the Weak


Time to buy British! 

1967 Ford Corsair 1500 Saloon

£4,000.00 or $4755.40 (SOLD!) 

Source: Car Cave (Scotland)

Ford Corsair 1500. RHD Import from South Africa which is fully UK registered. Very very solid car which is a bit scruffy and could do with a tidy up. All tax and duty paid. I have UK V5 in my name


1968 Toyota Crown – $11,995

Cadillac, MI · 333 mi away

1968 Toyota Crown Wagon. This car still runs great and looks great. Fun to drive, all original inside and out. It will need paint, but not too much more. -Vehicle is on consignment and at our client’s home


Some kind of crazy oddball turbocharged, AWD, Mazda 323 GTX thing that exudes ooohs and ahhhhs.  Because… Tim.  

Thank you for listening and sharing this show.

Catch you on the next episode!

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