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Steve Brown. We’ve been honored to have him on the show a few times over the years because he’s a lot of fun to talk to. While most of us talk about doing things like cross-country runs, flying airplanes or fielding a car at a 24 Hours of LeMons event… Steve just does those sorts of things.

The Flying Pistachio

So when we learned that Steve was going to run an old-school, 100-horsepower Saturn SL sedan across the country as part of the MustketBall Rally, we watched with anticipation as he prepped his rather unique race car.

Or should we say race cars. There were two. But that’s a long story. 

Speaking of stories, there was also a brief period of time when Eric *might* have been a co-driver on this fabled transcontinental run. That didn’t pan out for a few reasons. That’s also another story.

Come to think of it, these are GREAT stories that we’d rather discuss in this special interview episode. So we asked Steve to drop by to bring us up to speed (pun intended) on how his latest automotive marathon run transpired. We learned all of the gruesome details: Good, bad and ugly.

You’ll want to grab a beverage and enjoy our latest conversation with Steve Brown.


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Episode Highlights

  • Learn how to modify a Saturn for extended high-RPM cruising
  • Discover why you should always buy pistachio-green cars with low mileage
  • Get advice on how to properly identify suspension failures at high speed
  • Hear Steve’s tips for making the most out of your rental car experience

Connect with Steve

Steve’s always doing something amazing. Follow along and show Steve some love by giving @Cannonball GMC a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and our personal favorite… TikTok.

We hope you enjoy this interview.

Keep in touch with us at info@throwinwrenches.com and we’ll catch you again real soon!

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