We have joked about it in the show… But it is a serious topic of conversation.

Eric and Daryl are planning on growing Throwin’ Wrenches.  The first hurdle of any podcast involves creating a timely show with fresh content and affable hosts.  We think we have that handled.  Some may disagree on the hosts?!?!

The second part means soliciting for listeners.  In order to get more listeners, we need to spend a little money promoting the show.  Social media is cheap and goes a long way.  We dont need much to get the word out.

The third ingredient is show reporting.  THIS is what every potential advertiser wants to know!  How many people are listening?  If we have a budget, we can host our show with a server that will provide accurate listener numbers.

We did not start this show to get rich.  If doing our show leads to us becoming the next “Tappet Brothers”… Well, we will gladly take the C-Level celebrity status.  Not to mention the tens of dollars that go with it!

Get in at the ground floor!

If you are interested in advertising on Throwin’ Wrenches website or in the Podcast… Please contact us at info@throwinwrenches.com