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Eric Stahl

Looking back…  I never thought I was a car guy, but I am starting to believe it may have been predetermined before birth. My Grandfather prized his multiple garages of old cars and I always felt special when he would pull out the 1967 Cadillac Deville Convertible for a drive around Fairbury.  Lazy days at the Grandparents’ house always included my Uncle talking about the business. The NADA “Black Book” was the reading material of choice at Grandpa’s house as well.  Later, my Aunt, Uncle, and my Father worked at the same dealership at the same time.  I am pretty sure that qualifies us as a  family of “Car People”.

It was kinda a no-brainer to start working at a Dealership when I was 25.  22 years later, I think I have finally started earning the title of a “car guy”.  Every day as the Service Manager of a Peoria Metro Area Dealership is a learning experience.  The automotive industry is changing at lightning speed.  I love new tech and the challenges it presents.  Autonomous Cars, Electric Vehicles, and the future of our craft are particularly interesting to me.

Podcasting, I believe comes from my love of Chicago AM radio.  There were few kids in Central Illinois that listened to more WLS or WLUP than this guy.  Fred Winston, Jonathon Brandmeier, Kevin Matthews, Roe and Garry (The best combination of those two hosts) and of course…. The late, great Larry Lujak were all the idols I looked forward to hearing during all hours of the day as a youth.  That was radio…  Fun…  Local and always pushing the limits of what the station managers could handle.  I always wanted to be one of those guys…  Podcasting gives schleps like me the opportunity.  (Did I mention that I always idolized local radio star, Daryl Scott?)

guy working on a car

Daryl Scott

From an early age I loved the sound of anything with an engine. Encouraged by my gearhead Dad, I started to collect Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars and later built 1:24 model kits of my dream cars. My youth was spent taking things apart and putting them back together in an effort to learn how everything worked. Grade school was filled with BMX bikes and helping my Pops work on vintage Chevrolets. After getting through school and twenty-some-odd vehicles later…  I pretty much still play with cars and love things with engines

No, not the Ferraris or Corvettes of my youth, mind you. Today I’m more frugal and I gravitate toward neglected four-door sedans and rusty trucks. My current stable includes a 1947 Chevrolet Fleetline Sportmaster Sedan, a 1955 Plymouth Savoy, a 1969 Volvo 144s, and a 1976 Chevrolet C20 Fleetside. Guess which one of those runs right now, and I’ll give you a free wax job.

After working in radio for fifteen years, I dabbled with blogging for a while and enjoyed the creative outlet. The podcasting bug bit me thanks to the generosity (or peer pressure) of some good friends like Eric and Dustin. As it turns out, we have lot in common and a similar outlook on things that make noise (cars, people, music, 1980s films, etc.) As the Central Illinois automotive scene continues to evolve, it was clear to us that we needed to offer a platform for everyone to share their automotive projects, passions, questions, and news along with insight from two decent dudes who know their way around a shop, have actually worked on their stuff, and occasionally make a few jokes that aren’t terrible.

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We sincerely hope you enjoy our Throwin’ Wrenches Podcast. Perhaps you’ll gain something from it, or laugh along with us. We’d even love to hear from you and get to know what you’re working on these days. Chances are we’d be hanging out talking shop and bench racing even if you weren’t along for the ride, but we’re certainly glad that you are! Drive safe, and keep in touch.

Thanks for listening.

-E & D