Throwin’ Wrenches Pilot Episode

Welcome to Throwin’ Wrenches Podcast pilot episode.

Your hosts, Eric and Daryl, thought this would be the best way to put their talent and love for the automotive industry together in one neat little, portable package.  A glorious, Peoria-centric, automotive themed audio podcast.

On the show:

  1. Intro’s by your hosts:
    1. Eric Stahl
    2. Daryl Scott
  2. News:
    1. Trump’s tariff threats.
    2. Land Rover moves production of the Discovery to “Slovakia”?
  3. Central Illinois News:
    1. Central Illinois SCCA roundup from Mossville this past weekend.
  4. Quad 4 fan?
  5. Bring a Trailer cars of the week.
    1. Eric’s pick:  2013 Subaru BRZ – SCCA Racecar
    2. Daryl’s pick:  1979 Honda Accord Hatchback (Wait for it! Daryl explains!)
  6. Love for the Honda CRX
  7. Local Events:
    1. Cars and Coffee.  The first Saturday of every month at Northwoods Mall.
    2. Friday Night Lights.  June 15th at Junction City in Peoria Heights.
    3. Iola Maliase Motors Car Show.  July12th to the 14th.  Iola Wisconsin.
  8. Wheels of Time museum in Peoria.  Make sure to support your local businesses.

Thanks for listening!  Remember…  Give us feedback at



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