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Episode 28 – Cheese, Coronavirus and Commercials

We have the C’s for you this week.  Eric and his Wife drove like crazy people over the back-roads of Wisconsin in the Cheese Freeze Rally.  We talk about the Coronavirus attacking China and how that might affect part distribution for months to come.  We also get caught up in Superbowl commercials.  We run down all the automotive ads from the big game and decide which ones we liked best.  Sorry… “Smart Paaaahk” does not start with a C…  otherwise I would have integrated it into the title.

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Episode Highlights


Where Eric and Daryl talk about what’s going on in their garages…  Or trips… Or car-related activities.

  • Eric:  Cheese Freeze Rally talk.  A ton of fun.  Why can’t we do this in Peoria?  Is it time to try again?
  • Daryl: It’s too warm?  Daryl has tree sap on his cars and it sounds like some Chainsaws will be fired up this spring!

TWISM  (This week in Social Media)

  • Mini Car show on Superbowl Sunday.  Cheers to Nate Sosa and others for wanting to do something locally when the weather was nice in February!
  • Superbowl Commercials.  It’s not totally a social media thing, but who didn’t see the Jeep commercial on Facebook before or after the game?  Genius move Jeep.

International News

National News

  • Electric conversions?  Who is taking a 911 and ripping out the petrol motor?  Somebody did… It’s newsworthy!  But, will it be more obsolete in a decade with new EV gear vs. just leaving it alone?

Local News

Moment of Musk

  • Elon drops his latest single.  We’ll give you a listen!  (Please don’t turn off the show!)

Riff Zone

Where Eric and Daryl scratch their heads about everyday human beings.  Or show off our crotchety-old-man sides.

  • Using free vacuums at the 3 buck wash???
  • Saving thousands on a used car, only to be upset you don’t get 3 free rotations???

Cars of the Weak

As always, we pick a pair of cars for sale that should make it into our respective garages if money wasn’t an object. This week, we rock a Toyota Land Cruiser that needs some TLC and a classic Chevy Caprice police car.

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