Episode 17 – British Cars, a Gremlin and a side of Calamari

Thanks for joining us on our 17th Episode of the Throwin’ Wrenches Podcast.  Daryl and I are thrilled to let you know that we are officially celebrating our little show’s one year anniversary as of June 11th!  Thanks to all of you have suffered through our learning curves with gear, segments and the Christmas Episode.  (Was it really that bad???)

We are pleased to announce that our second year of the show starts off with two show sponsors!  Please take a moment to recognize their faith in the show.

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Remember, we are also a member of the Peoria Podcast Alliance – A group of diverse podcasters that have monthly meetings – That Daryl and I keep missing!!!  We may become the first members booted from the group for lack of participation!  Tune in to all the great shows in Peoria at www.peoriapodcasts.com

In this Episode:

Daryl and Eric talk about the Champagne British Car show that was held at the David Davis Mansion during the first week of June.  We both fell in love with a mighty Rolls-Royce with amazing paint.  There were also a few Aston Martin DB’s of varying condition that caught our eye as well.  Fun times and we highly recommend checking out this event next year.  (If Daryl gets out of bed!)

See our cool video that Eric’s phone made after a few beers at Keg Grove Brewing Company.

Eric talks a little bit about his Northwest fishing expedition…  Fishing for gears in a rental Nissan Sentra!

Eric and his daughter took “Red Mist”, their 1990 Celica, to the CIR SCCA event held at Mossville Caterpillar on Fathers Day weekend.  We talk about the event and give a shout out to our friend Dean for teaching the next generation of organizers and field staff the ropes.

Daryl is working on the Volvo…  Trying his hand at some paint restoration.  The front of that little car has a few little, but obscene rust spots. Did the car show the week before inspire this activity? Only Daryl knows for sure.

Daryl is also working on some leakage on the Tahoe.  Surely this will be a topic on the next show.


International News:

Divorce? Merger? Renault-Nissan Alliance Faces a Crossroads – Bloomberg

Renault SA and Nissan Motor Co.’s two-decade partnership is hurtling toward a reckoning, their carmaking alliance shaken by the arrest of former chairman Carlos Ghosn in November and fruitless merger talks with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV.

Forged in 1999 when Renault bought a stake in the struggling Japanese carmaker, the group — which now includes Mitsubishi Motors Corp. — has always been marked by a lopsided relationship. While Nissan is the largest partner in terms of vehicle output, Renault exercises more control over the Japanese automaker.

Ghosn, who was charged with financial crimes and is facing trial next year, had long sought to merge the companies in order to take on Toyota Motor Corp. and Volkswagen AG. Renault was poised to strengthen its hand just a couple weeks ago, when Fiat proposed a combination of the two European automakers. Instead, Nissan’s reluctance to back further negotiations triggered the deal’s collapse.

The New Face of “Vintage” Racing – Source: Road and Track

Good article in Road & Track out today that mentions the evolution of what folks consider a vintage racer. The notion that anything made after 1973 is “rubbish” is starting to go the way of the Remington Electric Razor. Good riddance. Vintage is great. Fine. But other generations are coming up and things like an ACR Dodge Neon are 20+ years old and deserve a place on the course. Really worthwhile read if you’re a Gen Xer or Millennial who appreciates cool vehicles no matter their age.

National News:

U.S. denies Tesla, GM, Uber 25% Chinese tariff relief – By David Shepardson

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Trump administration is expanding efforts to block the use of Chinese technology in advanced vehicles, denying additional requests by Tesla Inc for tariff relief on key components of its electric vehicles, and rejecting ride-hailing company Uber’s petition to waive tariffs on electric scooters and at least 50 separate requests by General Motors Co.

Union Vote at VW

The United Auto Workers suffered another crushing defeat at Volkswagen AG’s factory in Chattanooga, Tenn., as workers rebuffed for a second time the union’s efforts to organize the plant’s blue-collar workforce.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Local News:

Dunlap Dude’s Car Covered in Calimari?

We’ve heard this one before, but sometimes a guy makes a person mad… and that person decides to get even by vandalizing the other guy’s car. Not cool, but it happens. This recent event north of Peoria involved a trashed car that was covered in chicken gizzards and calamari. Top marks for taste, but zero marks for execution. Eat that stuff… don’t mess up someone’s car!

Worst we ever did was Silly String or shaving cream on a kid’s car in high school. Even then I didn’t participate. The worst thing you can do is mess with a person’s car. Second worst: stealing someone else’s French fries.

Source – Pjstar.com, Phil Luciano

News of the Weird???  New segment?  Or should we call this Animal Stories?


A 5-foot-long, nonvenomous black rat snake was found in a Cleveland County resident’s car engine, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies responded after a woman called 911 to report the snake was found in her car engine.

Moment of Musk!

Its back after missing the last show because of Elon’s attempts to stifle our critical segment on all things Elon.  This time we talk about Elon changing his name to Big Daddy Dot Com…   And cancelling his Twitter Account???  Or did he?

Riff Zone:

Eric presses Daryl to talk about the recent car show he put together at the Shoppes at Grande Prairie.  Daryl put in the hours and as usual, shied away from any credit for his hard work.  Sounds like the event went great!

Link to Daryl’s Antique Car Club:  https://ivaac.wordpress.com/

Cars of the Week

We break out the mental currency and start spending money like drunken sailors who stumbled into an American Pickers episode… But only looking at moderately price cars!

First thought: We found a vague listing for a car dealership for sale… Somewhere north of Peoria.  It has an awesome ad ima

ge from 70 years ago…  Buyer beware???  65,000 gets you a building and some equipment!  Not sure about the land.  Go live your dream!

Actual cars of the week..   

Eric:  960 Morris Minor 1000 Traveler, 14995.00

For sale on Facebook Marketplace…  in Morton IL.

Driven 30,553 miles, Automatic transmission, Exterior color: Black · Interior color: Red

1960 Morris Minor 1000 Traveler station wagon is a beautiful vintage model made for North American.  Manufactured in Great Britain, it has 3 doors, seating for 4, RWD, manual 4-speed gearbox. Odometer reading is 30,000 miles.  This car still runs and can be your next classic car for just $14,995 obo

Daryl:  1974 AMC Gremlin,  $3500

Facebook Marketplace Link: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/412044986306008/

This thing is CLEAN for the year, and looks like an unrestored survivor. Totally bare bones with no PS or PB or AC. Looks like the only option is the automatic behind the trusty 258 inline six with 117K on the clock. Not a bad car for the money at all, and these are always up and down on price. Such a unique design that I’d love to own because they’re so ugly… they’re cute. 

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