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Episode 42 – Cannonball Run 2 – The Return of Steve Brown

Welcome to the auto podcast that knows Cannonball Run 2 carries an odor that is not easily shaken. We will do everything in our power to avoid making a stinker of an episode to rival that movie.

Obviously, if we are talking Cannonball and VinWiki, that must mean we’re hanging out with our new favorite guest, Steve Brown.  You may remember Steve from Episode 35 as we recounted his epic run on the coast-to-coast route that spans from Jacksonville, Florida to San Diego California.  He did it solo and holds a record for that run at 27 hours and 13 minutes!

In This Episode

This week, we catch up and talk about how Steve spent the latter half of 2020 Running the classic Cannonball route from New York to Los Angeles.

We Ask All of the Important Questions

  • *Actual experience may vary.

    Who helped inspire Steve to make a second run across the U.S.?

  • What happened between the last time we talked and today?
  • When did Steve make the N.Y to L.A. run?
  • Where did he run into obstacles along the way?
  • How did the truck hold up on the second cross-country run?
  • Were their bikini-clad babes with “Farah Fawcett hair” waiting at the finish line?

You’ll hear answers to these hard-hitting questions and a whole lot more in Episode 42!

Enjoy the ride.



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