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Episode 25 – SEMA 2019, Ordinance Violations and Flo

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We are back!  Eric and Daryl saddled up for a new Throwin’ Wrenches podcast to keep you warm as we roll into December.  Throw some wood in your Franklin Stove and get the chestnuts warming…  Christmas is around the corner.  And lucky for you, So is our Christmas show.  Watch for it next! (Here is last year’s holiday yule log to tie you over.)

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We have been thrilled to have some amazing guests on the show over 2019.  From SCCA and CCSCC Presidents to ICC Program directors, we have had some great conversations.  But we don’t know them all. There are thousands of gearheads out there that we would love to have on the show. If you’re one of them, or you know someone who deserves a little air time, let’s get in touch! 

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Episode Highlights

treehugger stickers

Over the last few weeks, Eric has been told that he needs to use some formulas from the “Truck Show Podcast“.  Apparently, these guys have a formula that is similar to Throwin’ Wrenches…  Radio Jock (Daryl character) and Industry Guy (Eric’s doppelganger).  While we have listened to their show a few 

times depending on who they are talking too, we don’t plan on stealing their material anytime soon.  You will know we have gone all-in on intellectual property theft when we start strumming a guitar between segments!

We would like to give a big shoutout to the Toyota Trucks and Trails Podcast.  They recently had Eric on their show their “Toyota Centric” show to talk about SEMA and give a rundown on what Fort’s Trail Team is all about.  It was a great insight into what Eric has been up to for the past 5 or 6 years out on the trails.

Check it out at: Toyota Trucks and Trails Podcast

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SEMA Supra

  • Eric hits SEMA and brings back some news from the big show in Las Vegas.  We talk about Vegas owning the convention business and also praise the fortitude of Hoonigan fans with front row seats.  Can you say Black Lung?
  • Eric and son will be working on the freshly plastidipped 4Runner.  He whacked a mailbox.
  • Rodent abatement in the 2007 Tundra.
  • Eric hit Mojave Road.  Read about it at


Connery the Highlander

  • Daryl has loaded the garage!  4 cars in a 3 car garage.
  • Super Tahoe is slipping and it’s not old age… or is it? Daryl seems to have another winter project. Will it be a new transmission or a total rebuild?
  • A new-to-him 2013 Jeep Patriot Latitude is now Daryl’s ride because his wife got the real new ride…  a new 2019 Toyota Highlander.  Daryl gives us a rundown on salesmen not being the classic checkered suit schlock-meister from the 70’s.


TWISM©  (This week in Social Media)

Ordinance Violations?  North Pekin and other communities are now issuing citations that avoid the normal traffic court system and possibly also bypass state coffers.  How long can this gambit play out before someone in the State of Illinois realizes they are the ones getting hosed for a change?

Daryl is hanging with the new Toyota Highlander Owners group on Facebook to see what’s going on.  It’s not going well.  If they are not asking him what he paid for his rig, they are fretting over the cold antifreeze light or a snow button that was accidentally activated.

International News

Automakers Awaiting Decision President Trump on 25% Tariffs on U.S. Car & Auto Part Imports  

Source:  Reuters

Dust-up Over California Emissions Causes New Vehicle Purchase Stalemate

CHiPs car

California said on Monday it will halt all purchases of new vehicles for state government fleets from GM, Toyota and Fiat Chrysler and other automakers backing President Donald Trump in a battle to strip the state of authority to regulate tailpipe emissions. Does this mean that Ford and some other small brands will be picking up the 100 million dollar slack over the next few years? 

Source:  Automotive News

The Well-Traveled American V6

How do you feel about free trade across the borders of Canada, the USA, and Mexico?  We found a great little article that illustrates the life and times of pistons being built and machined for GM V6 engines.  It gives you a clear picture of how complicated the trade routes are for something so simple.

Source Reuters

National News

Millennial’s want a car?  Who knew? 

Nobody apparently.  As marketing and industry insiders have been pulling out their hair and grinding their hands in grief worrying about a non-car-loving American populace…  Something happened…  Or was misread.  Millennials actually want cars.

Source NADA

Lordstown EV Trucks 

The Verge had this article and news about a new electric truck company that is going to make electric trucks from an old GM factory.  Sound familiar?  See our coverage of Rivian.  Time will tell who starts to get trucks on the road after they keep securing heaping mounds of cash.


SEMA talk eventually leads to mid-engined Corvette conversation.  Will #notmyvette be the next big thing?  Haters gonna hate, but can you really hate a C8?


We might be siding with Elon’s design team after Ford released information about the new Mustang EV Crossover.  While we missed the Cybertruck announcement a day after recording this show, it’s still fun to catch up with this story!

Seems like Elon is not talking smack to Porsche anymore. The big blue oval in Detroit has caught his attention for now.  So much so that he was pulling one of their full-sized trucks around in his Cybertruck intro.

The Mustang logo being planted on this car leads to some hate for Eddie Bauer Editions or Harley Davidson versions of the new Mustang.

Riff Zone

Eric came across the article from the “Points Guy” about the declining standards of Uber and Lyft.  It was contrary to recent experiences that Eric has had while on the road.  Two good drivers and great drives to and from airports out west.

Meanwhile, Daryl strongly declares that Flo from Progressive insurance needs to retire. She was funny at first, but it’s time for her to consider Scottsdale. Maybe a small condo in one of the Carolinas. Maybe Altamonte Springs, Florida. Wherever she goes, Daryl would just like her to stop showing up in his Facebook feed. Stop appearing on TV, and streaming apps. After ten long years, perhaps it’s time for Flo to ride off into that sunset in her 87 Accord hatchback with all of those sacks of money she wisely saved on car insurance, and never come back. Progressive has shamelessly driven this marketing campaign into the ground.

Cars of the Weak©

Our weekly segment where we break out the virtual wallets and come up from the local online listings with more gems for you.


Jeep Commanche

Is it something from my youth that makes me think that 80’s models Comanche Trucks were what a truck should look like?  Pre-Cybertruck… These harsh lines were all the rage on our Cherokee-hooded single-cab trucks.

This 1989 model is still kicking in Bloomington, Illinois after driving 128,000 miles.  It was on sale on Facebook Marketplace for the bargain price of $1,950.00.


Another classic from the late 80’s was found on Facebook Marketplace this week, a 1988 Oldsmobile 98 Touring Sedan for just $3,000

This car sold in record time, but if I had the room I would have grabbed it. This totally unique sport sedan was based on the GM C-body chassis and stuffed with leather buckets, a console, FE-3 sport suspension, turbine rims, and a bulletproof 3800 Series 1 V6. Hands-free steering wheel controls for the Auto Climate control and stereo. It also featured a trip computer with an engine oil life meter and fuel economy display. This car was simply 25 years ahead of its time. A 1-owner car with 71K on the clock, I strongly feel this beautiful machine was easily worth twice the price.


Thanks again for listening!  We appreciate the support.  Make sure to support our sponsors!  Tell them “Throwin Wrenches sent me!”.  It will freak the salesmen out at Fort’s, and Gabe will have some fun with that as well!

Don’t worry, in the next episode, we will talk about Ford v Ferrari… and that damned Cybertruck!

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