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Episode 31 – The COVID Rabbit Hole

Throwin’ Wrenches – 31

Welcome back! It’s official, we are “The Auto podcast that will not phone-in another show!”… Well, that’s what we swore on this episode anyway. (We are still working on the catchphrase.)

Episode 30 was our “phone-in” show, and we know that the audio quality was not to our standards. It was a tough call last month when we made the show. Content is king in the social media world, but sometimes you have to concede that no content might have been better.

Enough with the self flagellation. On with Episode 31!

Recorded in the Scott Garage following strict social distancing standards set in place by Illinois government, we proceeded with a show that is all COVID-19. Even when we try to get away from it, we can’t!

Scratch that… Daryl has a neighbor with a Taurus that tries to steal the show… And that car has nothing COVID about it!

On this Episode:



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Feedback – Even when we know the show sounded bad, we still love getting some feedback. “Sound is really poor” said Mike after Episode 31. We hear you loud and clear Mike. No more of that nonsense!
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Eric discusses rock lights, Old Celicas, Bondo and a studio renovation… Not in that order.



Daryl *might* have bought a cool new 1958 Plymouth Savoy club sedan for the classic car museum he is curating in Peoria Heights. The space-age 2 door sedan is mostly restored but needs some TLC. Will he be able to pull it off?



Central Illinois Automotive Cars and Coffee is cancelled!!! Friday Night Lights… Cancelled. Everything that uses official Cars and Coffee organization is cancelled. BUT! We are getting some great videos and posts from the semi-underground group gatherings that seem to occur every weekend that the sun comes out. Grab your ride, head over to a defunct business parking lot and hang with your friends regardless of permissions.

Later when you are called out on it… “OK Boomer” is the defense statement that will be your response to any criticism. (See what we mean in this week’s episode.)

It’s an ongoing spectacle that happens over and over on the Central Illinois Automotive Enthusiast Facebook group. It’s tiring, and hopefully ends with the stay at home orders at the end of May.


Wholesale markets are a great unknown right now. Eric and Daryl talk a little about the misconceptions that customers may have about buying a car right now.
Source: WardsAuto


Car loans are getting paid
Credit report giant TransUnion says that Americans will let a lot of loans go into default before they stop paying that car loan. We ponder if the ability to get to work and get the kids to school means more than having a roof over your head.
Source: Automotive News

BMW manufacruring in SC is coming back online.
Four weeks is long enough according to BMW. They are firing up the assembly lines in early May. Other manufacturers are following suit. Will there be any buyers waiting for new cars on the lot?
Source: Automotive News

Gale Halderman, the Mustang designer passes away.
Lee Iaccoca is remembered as the father of the Mustang, but Gale made the design that became an icon. Rest in peace!
Source: Detroit Free Press

Lexus Ranks First, Tesla Last in Fielding Customer Reviews
Did you know that responding to Google reviews is a metric manufacturers look at? We discuss how Lexus and Nissan are tops… And somehow, Elon and his new business model TESLA retailers are at the bottom. We crack the code and decided Elon just doesn’t think like a retailer.
Source: WardsAuto


Rivian and Lincoln partnership is over?
Ford announced last week that the COVID-19 pandemic had been a catalyst for ending their relationship with Rivian and that they would not be developing a new Lincoln EV in partnership anytime soon. 
Source: Automotive News

Moment of Musk:

Elon wants those factories open… Why is that? Somebody looking for a bonus?

Daryl: Cart patrol at grocery stores. Carts don’t kill people, they only kill paint jobs. Put the carts away in the cart returns.
Eric: Just cant understand Jeeps with hardtops and all the windows rolled up. What gives people? Buy a Grand Cherokee!

Cars of the WEAK!

We forgo the virtual shopping this week, since we both bought something!!!

Thanks for listening! We will be back sooner than later with new shows and updates!

Oh, and for our McLaren owning friends…. This one didn’t make the show.

If you own a Senna 720S GT or 570GT… Get that car into the shop. McLaren is recalling 2,700 cars because of a risk of fire! You don’t need that on your insurance claims!

Source: Bloomberg

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