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10 Safe Things to Do in the Garage While You’re Sheltered in Place

If you’re chomping at the bit to get something done during this COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. Following the social distancing advice on the order of America’s top public health officials, governors, and the President is the best way to prevent the spread of this potentially deadly virus. We all know that.

We also know that being trapped in our houses or apartments for weeks on end, even with our loved ones nearby, can be mentally taxing. We have stuff to do! Projects to finish. Maintenance to perform!

But is now really the time?

Real Talk

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If we’re being honest, most of us who do things like sharpen our own lawnmower blades or hit some fresh welds with a grinder in their spare time do so with varying degrees of safety. Goggles are usually left on pegboard. Heavy-duty gloves are left in the cabinet. We know about PPE, but we casually choose to use it.

While that’s ‘good enough’ for most folks during normal times, the COVID-19 days have stressed our health care system and supply chains like never before. If we injure ourselves now, we could end up in an ER… and now is not the time to be anywhere near a medical facility. We need to be smart about this.

So we recommend dialing in the need to do the really cool stuff in the shop right now and turn your focus to the mundane during these trying times. Let’s get through the pandemic and allow the health care system some #SocialDistancing by not having us hobbyists rushing in for a tetanus shot because we did something foolish.

That is why we’ve put together this list of 10 Safe Things to do in the Garage While You’re Sheltered in Place.

Enjoy, and let’s be safe out there.

The List

  1. Dude working on bikeNo saws. No grinders. No sheet metal work or anything requiring a torch. Don’t cut your fingers off, the folks who can help sew them back on are fairly busy right now.
  2. Clean and organize your shop. Seriously. It’s a good time to clean up after your last project and sort bolts, put tools away, wrap cords, etc.
  3. Clean your cars. Vacuum, wash, wax and get them ready for the season that will eventually arrive.
  4. Take an inventory of all of your expensive stuff. Write down serial numbers and take pictures. Chances are you haven’t done this in ages. File it all away somewhere safe. Use this info to update your insurance.
  5. Change the oil in everything. Even the mowers, snowblowers, and generators. It’s probably overdue.
  6. ShopInstall those parts you ordered a year ago.
  7. Rotate your tires yourself. It’s a good reminder as to why you pay a shop to do it.
  8. Sand and repaint something gross using those ½ and ¼ cans of leftover rattle cans of Rustoleum you have in the garage. Make something slightly better than it was.
  9. Brush up on your tune-up skills and dial in your ride. Spend the time to adjust the carb like you’ve always wanted to. Play with the timing on something. Make it run like a Swiss watch.
  10. Crack a cold one and just chill. Appreciate what you have, and take it all in. Even your project car gathering dust or the daily driver in the garage. They’re yours. You have nice stuff.

We’re all in this together. Take care, and keep in touch!


Disclaimer: We are bloggers/podcasters/regular dudes who enjoy sharing some knowledge and talking shop. We are not experts, and anything we say shouldn’t be taken as gospel. Blah, blah, blah. Be safe, work at your own risk and don’t sue us.  

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  1. Without having an impact wrench I rotated tires last September using a 4-spoke lug wrench. Not a good idea for this 76 yr. old. Took 5 months to finally be clear of pain in shoulder and arm. Don’t over exert yourself!

  2. Sage advice, Ron! You may want to check into one of those cordless Lithium Ion-powered impacts for that sort of work. Less money than a bunch of air tools and a compressor and more portable. Save those shoulders! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


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