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Episode 37 – Upholstery Road Trips and Dune Buggies


Throwin’ Wrenches – 37

The Autopodcast that …  can switch from Evil Knievel to Betsy Ross quicker than you say Joe Rogan’s mushroom coffee


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On this episode of the big show… 

Eric talks about hitting the sand dunes with the Fort’s Trail Team.  He also had a chance to get some staff out to Autocross a few weeks ago at Champaign County Sports Car Club.  

Photos from Eric’s last adventure can be seen here

Daryl, He’s doing some house work… And planning a big solo trip to Iowa to get some interior trim for his Project Plymouth.  Also, he’s got the ‘55’s brakes dialed in and put some miles on it.   Cars and Coffee… And Delavan car show ready?

Summer is coming to an end…  What have you been working on?

Race Daily Kill

The year is 1985…  Select from this page:  



International News:

VW Bus dete’s are released

According to Adaptive Automotive…  We have pricing and details on the all electric “bus” that is driving the kids nuts!  Can Tesla compete with this???

Aug. 26, 2020—Volkswagen is crafting a vehicle that is both nostalgic and retro. The Volkswagen I.D. Buzz is reminiscent of VW vans in the 70s, but will be the brand’s first all-electric microbus. The microbus is said to have a driving range of 270 to 373 miles. 

The I.D. Buzz is among the latest autonomous models that Volkswagen has invested in, in an effort to keep pace with the evolving industry and environmental concerns. According to CleanTechnica, Volkswagen board member, Josef Baumert, says “With the current measures we are systematically further implementing our strategy of automating and digitizing production.” 

The I.D. Buzz is rumored to cost around $40,000 and will enter production in 2022 to meet its 2023 release date. 

National News:

According to the Detroit Free Press, People are taking solitude in their vehicles. Vehicle Survival: How to Successfully Live in Your Car (By Someone Who's Done It)

Since the proliferation of the coronavirus pandemic, cars are taking on even more functions, proving they’re not just for transporting people from point A to point B. Two separate surveys showed that many people are increasingly using their cars to get away from the people they live with, get a change of scenery, take a nap, make a personal or business call, get some “me” time or just to feel normal again. 

Can read between the lines at BMW?  Talk about a rough year!  Where does the industry go with sales reports like this? Source,  Automotive News

BMW will make work force cuts in the U.S. to adjust for a business slowdown in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. A spokesman declined to disclose the number of jobs being axed but noted the cuts do not affect the automaker’s large assembly plant in Spartanburg, S.C. BMW sales in the first half of the year tumbled 28 percent, with second-quarter sales down nearly 40 percent from a year earlier, as many dealerships were forced into a COVID-19 lockdown in the spring.

Local News:

Rivian is stealing talent from TESLA?  Say its not so RJ!  On the flip side…  We think this is awesome…  It means they may actually be building cars in Normal Illinois after-all! 

From CARBUZ.com



It was last month when Tesla filed a lawsuit against rival electric vehicle automaker Rivian over allegations the latter stole employees as well as sensitive trade secrets. Rivian, as expected, quickly denied the accusations and filed a request to dismiss the suit in the California Superior Court. Rivian stated Tesla’s accusations were not only flat-out wrong but are really nothing more than an attempt to harm its industry reputation and to make recruitment all the more difficult. Tesla even sued four of now-former employees after they joined Rivian.

Rivian maintains all employees are required never to “introduce former employers’ intellectual property into [its] systems.” The lawsuit’s status has yet to be decided, but now there’s another reason for Tesla to be annoyed at Rivian.

According to Bloomberg, Rivian has just hired Nick Kalayjian, an 11-year Tesla veteran who served as vice president of engineering for nearly three years.

Moment of Musk

Elon got really rich last week… That is all!


Daryl: Tired of hearing commercials lobbying for electric cars.   Normal Now Campaign:https://normalnow.com/

Cars of the WEAK

Eric:  I was on a quest for the cheapest Ferrari near me… Why?  Not sure.  I was noodling for the cheapest Supra… But tht turned into a mess of old vs new and so many aftermarket bits and odd paint jobs that I had to walk away! 

How about a $29000 1982 Ferrari Mondial with 22000 miles on it.  In British Racing Green????

Its in Rockford.  Its got 4 seats and actually looks great.

“Low mileage Ferrari mechanically identical to the more familiar 308 GTSI except with a back seat.  The family Ferrari.  V8 with 5-speed manual with traditional gated shifter. Updated with Ferrari 360 wheels and radio.Unusual but beautiful color of British Racing Green (not original but well done). Chance to own a real Ferrari for less than some kit cars. Must see”

Then I found a 1985 Modial with 33000 miles for 31000 in St. Joseph MO.  I’ll take the red… Sorry repaint Ferrari dude!

Daryl –

1961 Lincoln Continental


I don’t know why, but I have been looking at old 4 door Lincoln Continentals lately, and it got me thinking about how pure (but not well-liked) the first model year ‘61 cars were. They were quickly restyled but I don’t know why. The ‘61 grille is the best one, and the rear tail treatment is perfect. Giant 430 V8 and a tiny 2 bbl, and acres of room inside for anyone you want to carry in style. 5,000 pounds of iron… so it’s really only $1.99 a pound.



Thanks for listening!!!!

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