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Episode 56 – Rivian Blasts off, an Edison Truck and Flamemail from Elon

Welcome to the automotive podcast that did not buy stock in Rivian at 100 bucks! Also, our last episode featuring the car from the film Love Story apparently struck some nerves. Thankfully, we kept the obscure references to the pre-show and only sprinkled them in sparingly. Speaking of pre-shows, if you support this podcast via Patreon, you can get fresh, unfiltered automotive (and pop culture) content with every new episode. To be honest, it’s pretty good stuff. Our regular show isn’t anything to sneeze at, either.

On this episode of Throwin’ Wrenches…

  • 2001 Called…  It wants you to rank its hot rod import sedans.
  • Automakers want your “ride” to report back to the mother ship, and customers are ok with that.
  • Rivian Blasts off!

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Fort’s Toyota of Pekin

Casey Law Office


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Race, Daily, Kill

This week’s lineup is inspired by our friend, Andrew, and features a battle of the early 90’s sedans sport sedans.

Who’s ready to play? 

The Verdicts

Eric: Race the WRX, Daily the IS, Kill the BMW 

Daryl: Race the IS, Daily the Beemer, and Kill the WRX.

#TWISM | This week in social media

If you’re on any automotive enthusiast group on Facebook, this meme has been making the rounds:

We love stuff like this. Here’s our picks:

Daily Driver

Eric:  2022 GR Corolla

Daryl: 2020 BMW M8


Eric: An old MazdaMiata

Daryl: Z32 Nissan 300ZX TT

Muscle Car

Eric: 2016 Mercedes AMG GT 

Daryl: 1960 Chrylser 300F

Exotic Car

Eric:  Something 50’s & Italian

Daryl: 1968 Lamborghini 400 GT


Eric: A Toyota 4Runner!

Daryl: I’ll keep my Tundra

What are your picks? Let us know at info@throwinwrenches.com


National News

Tesla Ranked Near Bottom of Automaker Reliability List, Toyota, Lexus at Top

Source: Newsweek  

A Consumer Reports survey found that electric SUVs are among the least reliable vehicles, pushing companies like Tesla to the bottom of their reliability list.

Consumer Reports recently conducted their annual auto reliability survey. According to the Associated Press, subscribers to the magazine and website participated, representing over 300,000 car owners.

The survey found that electric SUVs like Tesla’s Models X and Y, the Audi E-Tron and Volkswagen ID.4 were singled out as being unreliable, though not because of their electric power source. The newest electric vehicles are more prone to glitches in their electronics like climate controls.

85% of Consumers Support Repair Shops Receiving Vehicle Data

Source: ADAPT Staff Reporters

A new survey from the CAR Coalition reveals there is strong support for action on federal right to repair legislation, like the bipartisan Save Money on Auto Repair Transportation (SMART) Act.

The survey also found 85 percent of voters support vehicle data being made available to consumers and any repair shop they choose and 92 percent believe consumers should be able to choose between OEM and aftermarket parts.

“Repair restrictions on automobiles are driving prices higher at a time when many Americans can least afford it,” Justin Rzepka, executive director of the CAR Coalition, said in a statement. “It’s time for Congress to get serious about solutions, including the SMART Act, to ensure consumers have options for quality, safe, affordable auto repairs and more control over their data.”

Local News

Did you buy Rivian Stock?

Source: CNBC

Ford Motor and Rivian no longer plan to co-develop an electric vehicle, the companies confirmed Friday.

The two companies initially announced the development of a joint vehicle when the automaker invested $500 million in Rivian in 2019. They later said it would be for Ford’s luxury Lincoln brand, before canceling those plans last year. Ford, at the time, said the automakers would still seek other opportunities to collaborate with one another.

Those plans also have now been scrapped, according to Ford spokesman Ian Thibodeau. He said the company retains ties with Rivian, including a 12% stake in the start-up, which at the company’s IPO last week reached a value of more than $10 billion.

Moment of Musk

Source: CNBC

On Oct. 4, the company lost a big case in a San Francisco federal court when a jury decided Tesla must pay a former worker, Owen Diaz, about $137 million after he endured a racially hostile work environment during his time at Tesla’s car plant in Fremont, California.

CNBC has also reviewed other emails Musk sent in recent months, including words of encouragement for employees working on the company’s new factory near Berlin, and agreeing with a bullish analyst call in September suggesting that Tesla stock can go to $3,000 per share — if the company executes well.

Grinding the Gears

There’s another (yes, ANOTHER) EV truck coming to market in the U.S.??

Folks, meet the Edison. Are you sensing a familiar formula here?

Eric takes the hypothetically robust and modern multi-purpose EV truck to task, along with the folks who created it.

He also asks the question “Who will still be around in three years?” when it comes to these fly-by-night electric vehicle manufacturers.


Cars of the Weak

Daryl: 1962 Pontiac Catalina – $8000 

Source: Facebook Marketplace

This is a big ‘ol Pontiac with a fair amount of work already done. This blue beauty features a new interior and a fresh 389 V-8 under the hood, which was the same motor as the later Pontiac GTO. Seeing this old sedan reminds me of my ‘64 Chevy Bel Air sedan, which was basic, blue and big. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

Eric:  1987 Toyota Van – $9,500 

Source: Facebook Marketplace  

This unique 4-wheel-drive Toyota van, (technically not a Previa as the ad says), has been driven a hefty 250,000 miles. For a Toyota of this vintage, those are merely break-in miles.   

Equipped with a manual transmission and manual locking front hubs, this little bruiser also features a custom rear bumper/tire carrier. The engine is a 4YE that has been rebuilt by a previous owner, drives great, has no problem maintaining highway speeds, way better than a VW Vanagon. It’s converted into a camper with a home-built bench/bed combo and a rear storage drawer/compartment. 

The only question is, would Eric trade the MK3 Supra for it? 

That’s why this segment is our favorite… because there are no wrong answers here. We’ll catch you next time.

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