Episode 44.5 – Autocross 101 During a Pandemic with Dean Plumadore

Dean Plumadore pilots his Corvette on an autocross course.

It was easy enough to sit around and talk tech with Dean Plumadore on Episode 44, but we are here to talk about Autocross!  After all, Dean is the President of the Champaign County Sports Car Club,  a group that somehow defied the odds and completed a full season of racing during a worldwide pandemic.  It would have been so much easier to say “see us next year”. But taking it easy just isn’t their style.

How did they pull off such a feat and what kinds of autocross action is in store for 2021?

We use this entire episode to talk completely and totally about Autocross during the era of COVID-19.

As always, thanks for listening!

Get Involved

If you’ve ever wanted to take your car out on the tarmac and see how much fun a local autocross event can be, there are many opportunities available around the country. Here in Central Illinois, the Champaign County Sports Car Club offers a safe, controlled environment to hone your driving skills and put your sports car (or any car) to good use.

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Connect with Dean or the Champaign County Sports Car Club at any time by clicking the links below:

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