Episode 73 – Grinding the Gears & The 12 EV Trucks of Christmas

Welcome to the automotive podcast that loves lists. 

On this episode of Throwin’ Wrenches, we talk through the “Top Ten” things that have ground our gears in recent months, and get quite a lot off of our hairy chests.

Speaking of hairy chests, we also talk about the projects we have in our respective garages. Since we’re stuck in the midst of a brutal Midwestern winter storm, those projects will likely have to wait for a warmer day.

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Grinding the Gears

In each episode of Throwin’ Wrenches, there are often a lot of angry old-man-moments on the show that we like to distill into a segment called “Grinding the Gears”.  Some folks can relate. Some can appreciate. Others likely just listen and collectively shake their heads.

2022 brought more than a few challenges with it, and we are extremely grateful for the legendary Gabe Casey stepping in to help us round out the show. We couldn’t have done it without him. However, that meant that Eric and Daryl had to gather up a lot of bottled-up anger and get it off of their (okay, they’re not-that-hairy) chests and package it up with a bow on it for this holiday special.

We proudly present our Top Ten Grinding the Gears items for 2022.

  1. Dodge Challengers and Chargers that rev up their car at all times…  to hear the rumble. (Eric)
    • Even at 35MPH when I am passing them in my Prius!
  2. Pouring out your sticky beverage in parking lots or the gas station. (Eric)
    • This is a constant.  Whenever I park anymore, it’s almost a certainty that I will stick to the pavement like an old movie theatre because somebody decided to dump their 72oz big gulp on the ground outside their car door.
  3. Gas prices varying county to county. (Eric)
    • Why is Tazewell County gas 40 cents more expensive than Mclean county?
    • Where is the transparency in taxation so I can start yelling at my local officials?
  4. Oral hygiene products and all litter on the roadsides make my list. (Eric)
    • Big moves to take away motorized routes through Bureau of Land Management land with President Biden and a Democratic-controlled congress.  It’s almost self-inflicted by the morons who don’t clean up after themselves.  Stay the trail and leave no trace are the law when off-roading.
  5. If the same guy who is telling you to buy gold on the radio is also recommending automotive warranties…  Run away. (Eric)
    • American Auto Shield is garbage. Most other non-manufacturer warranties are.  Stop supporting those businesses!!!
  6. As cold weather sets in, is it possible for any auto manufacturer to make an HVAC blower motor that doesn’t squeak or make the death moan under 32 degrees? (Daryl)
    • From the ‘47 Chevy to the ‘69 Volvo to the newer drivers… they ALL make noise until they thaw out. Are bronze bushings too pricey? Let’s put some gold ones in there and call it a day.
  7. YouTube “car channels” where they lead you through a Grimm’s Fairy Tale before getting to the content. (Daryl)
    • It’s the equivalent of those recipe sites that tell a story about the queso dip’s origin story while the recipe card is 4 pages in. Just gimme the dip, yo.
  8. Older car hobbyists crapping on those whose tastes don’t align with theirs. (Daryl)
    • Not everyone likes Mustangs. Not everyone likes Cutlass Cieras. Deal with it and stop pissing in the pool we’re all swimming in.
  9. Parking your cool stuff because it’s “too expensive to drive”. (Daryl)
    • The worst thing you can do is let stuff sit. Get it out there. If you don’t drive it, you don’t need it. Sell it off to someone who needs that in their life and will do it justice.
  10. EV hatred (Eric & Daryl)
    • From the anti-Rivian crowd here in central Illinois to the larger disdain for all things electric, we just don’t get it anymore. While some of us don’t plan on plunking down $60k to buy one anytime soon, maybe this is where we’ll eventually end up in our later motoring years. EV’s hey can still be fun. They can be quick and sporty. They’re not the greatest or most efficient right now, but for a daily driver they seem to make sense to a LOT of us. This leads us perfectly into our final semi-musical segement.

Bonus Holiday Sing-a-Long: The 12 EV Trucks of Christmas

A Christmas show wouldn’t be complete without a sing-a-long segment, so Eric whipped up a lovely little rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas, but replaced all of the dumb birds with much more practical gifts… EV trucks that are currently available in the marketplace.

We’d like to apologize in advance. Enjoy!

Tesla Cyber Truck

Ford F150 Lightning

Rivian R1T

Lordstown Endurance

Canoo Pickup Truck

Nikola Badger

Atlis XT

Edison Futures EFT-1 Truck

Bollinger B1 MOAB

Alpha Motors Electric Wolf

Dongfeng Rich 6 EV

GMC Hummer EV


From all of us here at Throwin’ Wrenches, we would like to extend the warmest of holiday wishes to all of our listeners. We consider you great friends and appreciate your support of this little automotive podcast. We promise to keep the heated seats on for you in 2023.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all!

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