Not a Re-Tread

Official episode 2!  Sorry for the wait, Eric was gallivanting across the Rockies in his 4Runner with a hardcore crew of off-roaders.  All the while, Daryl has been stuck in Rock Auto “Hell” trying to return parts for 40 year old Volvos.

On this show:

  1. Still looking for the catchphrase.
  2. Contact us!
  3. Feedback?  Reviews?
  4. Sponsorship opportunities abound!
  5. Projects:
    1. The Volvo brake issue…
    2. Trail repairs on the 4Runner
  6. Daryl’s fun with an aluminum valve stem on his Jeep.
  7. More talk about TPMS sensors.
  8. International News:
    1. Sergio Marcionne illness (Subsequent passing since we recorded)
    2. VW and BMW are the first automakers to have Joint Venture contracts with China.
  9. National News:
    1. 25% Tariff is not popular with the NADA and dealers.
    2. DUKW accident at Table Lake in Lake of the Ozarks.
  10. Local News:
    1. Camping World will be using the Gander Mountain location in Peoria as an outlet.
  12. Rusty trucks?  Daryl’s pet peeve!  Is rustproofing a thing?  Zeebart?  Mr. Rustproofer?
  13. Autostart?  Whats going to happen with all these starters?
  14. Used car picks of the week:
    1. Eric:  1975 Ford Bronco on Craigslist
    2. Daryl:   1985 Audi Quattro Coup on
  15. Where do you find your old cars?  Paper?  Website?  Let us know!

We were saddened to hear that Sergio had died this morning…  Literally hours after we talked about his hand-off at Fiat.  Leaders of his caliber are a rare bread and he was fun to watch as he took the bull by the horns and made the Chrysler brand strong again.

Thanks for listening!

Eric & Daryl

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