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Episode – Corn Dogs and Quad 4’s

Eric and Daryl class up the place by inviting our friend Regan on the show for some insight into the automotive industry. We also talk about the Springfield origins of fried meat on a stick along Route 66, dream of “BroDozering” a Rivian pickup, and we break down why the Oldsmobile Quad 4 engine was the pinnacle of automotive engineering.

This show is another 90-minute wonder, but it’s chock-full of fun, so you’ll definitely have to download and then block your calendar for a long lunch. You’ll enjoy it or your money back*

*this show is free, so you get what you pay for.

Episode Highlights


  • Eric and the family stop by Cozy Dog in Springfield, home of the original corn dog. Reagan also admits his weakness for the kind you can make at home… in a microwave.
  • Speaking of fried foods, Daryl cons his wife into eating junkyard donuts
  • Regan may start building his Model A pickup someday.


Disgraced former Nissan and Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn.
Photo Credit:
Norsk Elbilforening / Flickr


Can Carlos Ghosn beat the rap? With a trial looming this year on charges of aggravated breach of trust and filing false statements to regulators regarding $80 million in deferred income, the former chairman of Nissan Motor Co. and Renault SA needs a new strategy. He’s lost two requests for bail and faces as much as 10 years in prison if convicted. Confronting a Japanese legal system with a 99% conviction rate, Ghosn overhauled his legal team last week.

We play fast and loose with the Japanese legal system and predict former Nissan and Renault Chairman Carlos Ghosn’s fate in a suprisingly accurate game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.


VW Dreams of Electric Sheep

If Volkswagen realizes its ambition of becoming the global leader in electric cars, it will be thanks to a radical and risky bet born out of the biggest calamity in its history. The German giant has staked its future, to the tune of $91 billion, on being able to profitably mass-produce electric vehicles – a feat no carmaker has come close to achieving.

Story Link: Bet Everything on Electric: Inside Volkswagen’s Radical Strategy Shift.

Smaller auto shows may soon go the way of the dodo.
Photo Credit:
Jason Kositarut / Flickr

Defending the Great Auto Shows

Two of the world’s largest automakers used the Chicago Auto Show last week to offer a defense of auto shows in general. High-ranking executives from Volkswagen Group and Toyota Motor Corp. upheld the value of global auto shows as proven ways to market vehicles.

They said larger shows — especially those with venues big enough to house experiential marketing displays such as ride-and-drives — will play an important role in their marketing efforts for the foreseeable future.

Story Link: VW, Toyota Rise to the Defense of Auto Shows

Fiat Chrysler’s Belvidere, Illinois Plant.
Photo Credit: EarlRShumaker / Flickr


Fiat Chrysler adds 6,500 jobs to Detroit in an effort to prepare for their new three-row full-size SUV and next-generation Grand Cherokee. Building a new $4.5 billion factory, and putting $1.5 billion into the old Mack Avenue plant. That’s great news for Metro Detroit and helps ensure Jeeps will be built here in the U.S.A. Kudos for that.  It also means 1,400 layoffs at the Belvidere, Illinois factory. Not good for Illinois, but you take the good with the bad.

Story link:

Someone pays $200,000 for a 1987 Buick Regal GNX. We can’t decide if that’s great… or kind of ridiculous.

All this and more plus your Moment of Musk!

Cars of the Week

  • Eric: 1980 Plymouth Volare coupe with a slant six, slushbox and 42,000 miles and $4,500 ? Sign us up. This Metamora, Illinois time machine is finished in fire engine red,and features a groovy interior. It should be given a prize for surviving this long.
  • Link:
Olds Calais
  • Regan: 1991 Oldsmobile Quad 442 from Reagan blows us all away with his heart-felt tales of his formative years with GM’s 2.3 liter wonder. Also, Regan is welcome back on the show at any time since he geeked out on Quad 4’s. Mad props, yo. Mad props. Link:
bmw 540 sedan
  • Daryl: for a 2001 BMW 540i with a proper gearbox and lots of class. Practically an M5 without the cost. Did someone say “money pit?” Who cares. For $6,900, this would be fun for the month you actually got to drive it before something broke. Link: No longer available

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