Episode – Slingshot

Episode three… And of course we have to give a shout-out to the the three wheel vehicles of interest.  Polaris Slingshots and Reliant Robins???

Also… On this show…  We do not bash on Elon Musk.  We do have some critical Tesla talk… But its limited to a video that a lot of folks watched this week about a Tesla scrapper.

On the show:

  1. Thanks for listening!
  2. Catchphrase?
  3. Watch our videos on the Facebook page!
  4. Peoria Cars and Coffee roundup.
  5. Feedback and reviews
  6. Sponsorship opportunities abound!  Operators are standing by!
  7. Projects.  Daryl and his ongoing Volvo brake saga.  Eric has a little problem at work.
  8. International News:
    1. Sergio Marchionne passes away.
    2. Malaysian President threatens to ban auto imports.
    3. Genesis beats Porche in most appealing auto brand?
    4. Trump may relax CAFE standards on US cars & Trucks.
    5. VW announces earnings, and they are doing just fine.
  9. National News:
    1. Keith Crane from Automotive News says the US government needs to stop autonomous testing on public roads.
    2. Uber is returning its self driving cars back to the road.  Starting in Pittsburg.
  10. Local News:
    1. Roundabouts and local traffic work.
  11. Question of the Week:  Did you watch the video that made the rounds over the last two weeks from Motherboard?  “Rich” the Dr. Frankenstein of salvaged Teslas makes some thought provoking arguments about the Tesla business model over 18 minutes.  Check it out!  You Tube Link
  12. Ford Exoskelleton for their line employees.  Think “Edge of Tomorrow” with Tom Cruise.
  13. Cars of the Week:Eric:  1965 Jaguar S Type on Bring a Trailer.
    1. Daryl:  1941 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Sedan on Ebay.
  14. Movie cars…  Annette Benning gets the tie-in on two cars on this episode.  Check out the car-movie internet database.  

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