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Episode 50 – The Ford Broncos are coming

Welcome to another installment of the automotive podcast that can make the most of 60 minutes (and then some). We’re trying to keep the next few episodes a little shorter because we know everyone is busy and only has so much time to devote to ‘infotainment’ on any given day.

We also know that there aren’t too many programs out there that offer a blend of automotive insight, industry news, and humor… so we’re trying to juggle it all in style. If you like what you hear, let us know. If we can dial it in a little more, let us know that, too. Hit us up at info@throwinwrenches.com to get on the soapbox. You won’t offend us either way!

Maybe Daryl, but he’ll get over it.

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Eric’s lovely wife tipped him off about a 1997 Toyota Tacoma 4×4 sitting on the side of the road a few miles from the family homestead. She also gave her blessing to bring it home. Eric made a deal and got it for a decent price and it now resides in the barn with dreams of being a farm truck for the remainder of its days. (Or will it be the ultimate stripped-down trail rig in a few years?) 

We also catch up with Eric’s recent trip to the Great Smokey Mountain Trail Ride in Oliver Springs, Tennessee. Treehugger, the Toyota 4Runner handled the rugged trails of Wind Rock Park just fine. There were a lot of other unique trail rigs on display.

Watch the video below for more highlights from this year’s event.

That’s not all! We also get a recap of some of the Central Illinois Region SCCA autocross action with the Fort’s Racing team.

Here’s a hint: It was a great weekend out at the Mossville Tech Center.

Check out the video below for more details.


Check out a quick video of Daryl’s latest project, a 1947 Chevrolet Fleetline Sportmaster Sedan.

After losing an axle c-clips on his ’47 Chevy Fleetline, he’s been having tons of fun trying to locate a suitable replacement. Who knew they were so hard to find for the older Chevies with the torque tube style rear end?  

Oh, he’s also waiting on a re-cored radiator for his ’55 Plymouth and performing an entire cooling system refresh while everything’s all apart. 

Someday he may actually DRIVE his old cars instead of work on them. That’s what he gets for letting them sit most of 2020.


International News

VW Turns to 3D Printing at Wolfsburg Plant

Source: WardsAuto
Volkswagen turns to an adhesive-based 3D printing process in a bid to manufacture hundreds of thousands of vehicle parts annually at one of its plants. The new process, called binder jetting, is being used to create components at the automaker’s main plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. Conventional 3D printing uses a laser to build a component layer by layer from metallic powder, while binder jetting uses an adhesive. The resulting metallic component is then heated and shaped. The new process reduces costs and increases productivity because components can weigh only half as much as conventional parts made from sheet steel. VW currently is the only automaker using this 3D printing technology in the production process.

Carsick in an autonomous EV?  It’s a thing

Source: Adapt Automotive

Learn everything you wanted to know about the laws of physics, motion sickness, and why barf bags should be standard equipment on the autonomous cars and trucks of tomorrow.

Rubber Apocolypse Means for the U.S. Economy

Source: CNBC

The global economy now faces a rubber shortage because of multiple supply chain disruptions. “We could be on the cusp of a rubber apocalypse,” Ohio State University professor Katrina Cornish told CNBC. Rubber producers are working against all odds: climate change, disease and the fight for shipping containers. The global rubber market was valued at nearly $40 billion in 2020, but one analysis predicts the natural rubber market could be worth nearly $68.5 billion by 2026.

National News

Bill Burkes and his Rovers

In this next segment, we’ll discuss the debut of the Ford Bronco, and why famed Camel Trophy legend and off-road racer Bill Burkes has been running with the Ford Bronco and the Rivian crowds over the past few weeks.  Why does his seal of approval matter in the race to get new 4×4 trucks and SUVs in the hands of the American consumer?  Maybe a history of being a competition driver in some of the toughest conditions of Africa is the kind of credibility these manufactures are looking for when you start a war with Jeep.  

For more on Bill Burkes:

Bill Burkes on Facebook

Bill Burkes 4 Wheeling America

Here are a few other Bronco news stories we’re highlighting in this episode: 

The Ford Bronco is finally here and Jeep should be worried

Source: CNN Business

The Jeep Wrangler has cornered a very nice slice of the auto market for a long time. But that appears to be over now that the new full-size Ford Bronco has arrived. Based on test drives on road and off, Jeep should be worried.

We’re not talking about the Bronco Sport, which you may have already seen driving around. That model is smaller, and somewhat related to the Ford Escape and the new Ford Maverick small pickup. This new Bronco is bigger and taller and it’s made to take on far more serious off-road terrain. It’s somewhat related to the Ford Ranger truck.

So while the small Bronco Sport can drive off-road, the Bronco can drive places where “road” shouldn’t even really be part of the word.

The Bronco has just gone into production in Michigan. Prices start at about $28,500, a little higher than the Bronco Sport. Prices for nicer, better-equipped versions start at more than $40,000, though.

2021 Ford Bronco First Drive Review: The Long-Awaited 4×4 SUV Is Absolutely the Real Deal 

Source: MotorTrend

Look out, Jeep Wrangler: The new Bronco is coming for you, and it’s armed to the teeth.

The 2021 Ford Bronco is easily one of the most anticipated vehicles of our fledgling decade, and we won’t keep you in suspense: Our initial impression after driving the new two- and four-door Bronco is that it absolutely lives up to the hype. Driven on-road or off, viewed as a getaway/adventure vehicle, a family truckster, or as a piece of retro automotive art, the Bronco feels like a winner. Indeed, Jeep’s longtime off-road champ, the Wrangler, now has some serious 4×4 SUV competition, as does our 2021 MotorTrend SUV of the Year, Land Rover’s epic Defender.

Ford Bronco Sold Out for Years, Orders Pour in for F-150 Lightning and Maverick

Source: MotorTrend

All these reservations for Ford’s hottest new products will take a while to fill.

Ford is having a good inning. It is hitting it out of the park with interest in four new vehicles: The 2021 Ford Bronco SUV, which is finally in production; the electric 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning fullsize pickup truck; the smaller 2022 Ford Maverick hybrid pickup truck; and the electric 2022 Ford E-Transit commercial van.

Reservations are strong, Ford CEO Jim Farley said during the Deutsche Bank Global Auto Industry Conference. Filling them all will take some time. A shortage of semiconductor chips means inventory is not expected to return to normal levels until 2022.

Moment of Musk

It seems it’s only a matter of time before Tesla releases a new, cheaper, entry-level car.

Source: Inside EVs

Tesla has many upcoming vehicles in the pipeline, but it hasn’t really made much progress on bringing them to market. We’re talking about the popular Tesla Cybertruck, next-gen Roadster, and Tesla Semi. However, there has also been talk about a smaller, cheaper Tesla car, perhaps a compact hatchback that starts at $25,000.

Tesla is already receiving record orders, it’s reportedly sold out in many areas for many months, and it can’t possibly produce enough vehicles to satisfy demand. Clearly, bringing more vehicles to market at this time would just make the situation even more difficult.

Nonetheless, CEO Elon Musk has made it clear he thinks a future Tesla compact car good idea. In fact, the company has already gone so far as to try to recruit folks in China to design the car. More specifically, the car will be designed and produced in China, but sold across the globe.

Cars of the Weak


2020 Daihatsu HiJet (Made by Toyota) – $20,000

Source: US Mini Truck Sales

While there are few, if any $2,000 cars left to sift through in the local classifieds these days, I have decided that the need for a small utility pickup is strong. That’s why I need to find something similar to the Tacoma I just purchased to collect sticks around the house. Only this thing has a killer lift kit and decent rims. Why aren’t there more of these cool Japanese work trucks here in the U.S.?


1990 Oldsmobile Toronado $3,500

Source: Facebook Marketplace

This rare FWD Oldsmobile personal luxury coupe was ordered new by a GM executive in Ohio and managed to survive in excellent original condition for 31 years here in the Midwest. Finished in white exterior paint with a burgundy velour cloth interior, it also has an unusual front bench seat, yet came with a digital dash and full electronic display options. The seller says it runs great, and most everything works. This is a bargain for anyone wanting a peak FWD GM car with all the trimmings. 

As always, thanks for listening, friends. We’ll catch up again real soon.

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