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Episode 29 – The Beast is Back

With a spirit of competition and gritty determination to win, we at Throwin’ Wrenches like to envision ourselves as the Cole Trickle and Rowdy Burns of the automotive podcast game. That’s our take.

In reality, we’re more like J.J. McClure and Victor Prinzi. Those guys were still pretty cool, and if we’re being honest, they were a little more entertaining.

Welcome to Episode 29, which should come with a full tank of gas and that brand-new podcast smell. As always, you can click the Become a Patreon link and toss a few bucks our way for some exclusive content. You’ll also be helping to keep this program rolling down the highway.

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Episode Highlights


We talk about projects in the Throwin’ Wrenches garages, including boring stuff that we manage to twist into a mildy-amusing podcast segment.

  • Eric: Currently on a quest for used tires and new CV Joints and axles for the legendary autocross car known as Red Mist.
  • Daryl: Picked up some $50 tires for Börk, the 1969 Volvo 144s that currently rolls on fossilized rubber.

International News

Holden Gets Axed & GM Gets Out of RHD Around The Globe

Source: CarAdvice 

After years of sales declines, General Motors has decided to pull the plug on their Australian brand, Holden. They’ve also decided it isn’t worth their time to manufacture right hand drive versions of their vehicles. What will this mean for the handful of countries that still drive on that side of the road?

UK plan to ban combustion-engine cars creeps forward to 2032

Source: AutoNews

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he would like to see his country move the date for the banning of gas (petrol) and diesel-powered cars from 2040 to 2035. Automakers were already mildly freaked-out about the 2040 date and the effect on their sales. This earlier date could cause a bigger panic throughout the industry. We break things down a bit.

Continuous Coronavirus Coverage: China Auto Sales Dip

We continue our look at some of the supply chain disruptions and the drop in new car sales in China that have been attributed to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

National News

The Beast takes a lap at Daytona!

If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you know that we love “The Beast,” which is the nickname for President Donald Trump’s custom Cadillac limousine.  The Commander-in-Chief managed to take the 22,000-lb executive car on a loop around the Daytona 500 racetrack on Sunday before the big race. We discuss how we would have tossed around such a large car on the big oval. We also talk about the horrific crash at the end involving Ryan Newman update after Monday’s crash.


Should cars be banned on Broadway in downtown L.A.?

That is the question some city leaders are asking. We shut it down, along with some other dumb laws that may have popped up in your Facebook clickbait feed, such as the one about how Sacramento has made it illegal to do maintenance on your car at home.


Global aftermarket industry estimated to top $1.4 trillion by 2024

Get in the zone? AutoZone? Looks like people are doing just that, as the aftermarket parts industry is growing around the globe.


Photo Credit: Dan Horsch / Flickr

Illinois Senator Targets Gas-Powered Leafblowers

Electric everything, coming to a garage near you? Stacks and stacks of useless batteries and outdated chargers soon to follow! We break down the lunacy that is Illinois State Senator Laura Fine’s Senate Bill 3313 that would ban the sale of gas-powered leaf blowers in Illinois after 2022.

Riff Zone

Daryl: The DeLorean posts on Facebook… they’re cute. But nobody cares. If it were 1985 and Marty and Doc were looking to build another time machine… cool. But that time has come. We have to stop fantasizing about what was moderately cool.

Eric: For God’s sake, off-road folks, can we stay on the trails?!!  We keep seeing photos and news about people tearing things up.  Is it the same as it ever was, but now we have social media to show off our stupidity?  Hard to say!

Cars of the WEAK

Eric:  1958 Morris Minor


Found on Facebook Marketplace

This British classic is a hard-to-find model; it is a repainted original survivor, while the front bumper was removed for trans. California car with current/clear title.


1989 Porsche 944 S2


This is a race car that’s ready to go!

From the listing: For sale is this Brumos Porsche tribute livery 944 S2 race car.  This car was an SP3 class PCA Club Racer put in storage around 2010.  Was pulled out of storage in 2018 to be purpose-built for WRL GP2 Class racing.  With minor adjustments will meet PCA SP3 classing or NASA ST4. Full rebuild including a new cage was completed in early 2019.  Engine refresh completed in 2019.

This car ran in GP2 Class in 2019 and earned a Podium in it’s first full race weekend.  It contains a complete data acquisition system

If you are looking to get into PCA, NASA or Endurance Racing this is your car!


* Fresh 3.0L engine rebuild in 2019 >20hrs

* Hanks Hot Rods chromoly cage professionally TIG’d by 515 Motorsport

* AIM MXP Data acquisition unit GPS and engine data include Coolant Temp, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp and Brake Pressure

* New Spec 3 Clutch

* Stahl header and custom exhaust

Many, many other specs and details upon request. Spares and wheel options to be negotiated.

Daryl: 1967 Ford Mustang 390 Coupe


Yellow and black CA car located in AZ with zero rust! Features the big 390 along with AC and an overhead console and tons of options. Loaded up like Cougar XR7. This is truly a grown-up Pony car with the brute power to back up its good looks. My kind of car.

Keep in touch with us at info@throwinwrenches.com

Thanks for listening!


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