Episode 4×4

Buckle up and hold on as we bring you show number 4.  Its a wild ride!

On the show:

  1. A catchphrase:  The Auto Podcasts that Peoria Deserves
  2. Feedback:  Thanks for the iTunes review!
  3. Sponsors?
  4. Projects and onging work.
    1. Eric:  Celica, 4Runner and Prius stuff
    2. Daryl:  Volvo is up and running
  5. Eric’s customer of the week.
    1. Do your recalls!
  6. International News:
    Eric’s Car of the week – Bollinger B1
    1. Volvo introduces the Polestar division for its performance cars.  (You know Daryl brought this article to the table!)
  7. National News:
    1. Trump administrations “Pledge to American Workers”.  Conversation about vocational tech ensues.
    2. Autonomous Vehicles and working from your car.  WSJ article about when are we really on or off the clock?
  8. Bonus, insider news:
    1. Apple Car news
  9. Local News:
    1. Rivian CEO, RJ Scaringe was interviews on Bloomberg this week and had an interesting talk about their “skateboard” platform.  He also made reference to an electric vehicle made for fishing, camping and activities off the pavement.  (Sounds like fun!)
    2. USA Silicone.  Daryl tells a little about a small business in Peoria that makes customer replacement parts.
  10. Tribute to a few friends who passed away over the past week.
    Daryl’s Car of the week – Tatra T87
  11. Question of the week:  Who owns all the info being recorded in your car?
  12. Cars of the week:
    1. Daryl:  1950 Tatra T87
    2. Eric:  The Bollinger B1

Thanks for tuning in…  We love feedback!  Please let us know what we can do to improve the show.  We have sworn that episode 5 will include all gasoline/petrol talk!  Can we do it?

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