Episode – All Petrol

Episode 5!  Sorry for the delay!  We would love to fill you with excuses… But we dont have any good ones.  Hopefully this show is worth the wait!  We made a conscious effort to keep episode 5 off the electric grid…  This episode is dedicated strictly to gas powered vehicles!  Enjoy!

On the show:

  1. Welcome!
  2. Feedback:
    1. Bubby wants to now about safety belts.  Are they a scam.  We might need to research this!
  3. Projects
    1. Eric:  2013 FRS Wrap – Fun car that turns heads!
    2. 1998 4Runner purchase for the boy – 4×4 community pitches in?  Stig wants it flashy. See Cangura racing Landcruisers.
    3. Daryl:  The super sweet Tahoe…  LS swapped 1999 Tahoe Limited 4×2.  
  4. Eric’s customer of the week.  
    1. “The Bouncer” – Customer who left our store…  Went to another local store… Came back a few years later.  
    2. The bulb lady. 
  5. Image result for corvette spy photosDaryls dealership experience of the week.
    1.  Taking our 09 Jeep to get a “warranty inspection” on our rotted out crossmember. 
  6. International News:
    1. Secret mid-engine Chevrolet super-car spotted in Germany
  7. National News:
    1. Deconstruction story  – Nice little article about a shop that takes apart cars and sells the spare pieces.  Union job with benefits.
  8. Localish News:Image result for zozotown suit
    1. We need to bring back the road rally. Talk about Mezzo 200.  Nobody does it anymore. Insurance, time, etc. But dang it… We should!
  9. Moment of Musk:  Elon will send a Japanese drummer around the moon!
  10. Question of the week:  Unmarked police cars?
  11. Cars of the week:
    1. Daryl: There’s a 75 MG midget for sale here in Peoria with 50K on it, clean beige paint and brown interior and top. $2200 for British fun with a proper gearbox. Craigslist link…
    2. Eric:  1992 Celica GT4 Turbo awd RHD.  Dream car went for 6900 without making reserve.  More of these cars1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four will start washing up on American soil with the 25 year limit being reached.  May have to save my money and brain cells for a 1995+
  12. 25 year import ban on cars to the US
    1. “Officially, the ban on import cars younger than 25 years old is to keep unsafe and unclean vehicles off American roads, but the laws were passed more to protect U.S. dealers from the competition of cars directly imported from other markets.”
  13. Riffing zone…  
    1. Got a call from Liberty Chevrolet.  Made me start thinking about store names that try to create an image with words.  First off… Who thinks of liberty when they buy a car?


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