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Christmas Special 2021 – Truck Tales With Mike Fort

Welcome to the automotive podcast that knows how to spread some holiday cheer. In this self-indulgent episode, our wish came true and we’re joined by none other than Mike Fort, namesake of Fort’s Toyota of Pekin.

About our Guest

For those who don’t know Mike Fort, he’s a lifelong automotive enthusiast with a history of successful automotive ventures. Starting out in the world of Chrysler-Plymouth franchises, he appreciates a classic ‘Cuda or a 60’s-era Chrysler 300 sport coupe.

Mike also saw the value in starting a Toyota franchise in the early 1990s when cars like the MR2 and Supra were in their prime, and Midwest consumers were eager to give Toyota pickups a try.

We’ll discuss Mike’s tendency to accumulate rare cars and trucks, and how his sights turned from Jeeps to Toyota Land Cruisers and limited production supercharged TRD trucks over the years. Speaking of Jeeps, you’ll definitely want to hear the Rubicon trail story in this episode… it’s pretty epic.

Eric also recalls a few memorable moments from the pioneer days of the Fort’s Trail Team.

Gather ‘Round, Everyone

For the next hour and change, we cordially invite you to sit back and relax as we toss another yule log on the fire and pour everyone a giant cup of Christmas spirit.

It’s about to get pretty festive in here.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year!


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