Episode – The Goshn Prison Blues

Never fear Peoria!  We are back for 2019 with National, State and Local automotive news!

Eric and Daryl rock the first show of the year with a heavy hitting newsy episode!  Don’t worry…  We still get a little silly.  (Oh, and long… This one rings in at 120 minutes!)

On the show:

Feedback…  Eric is still getting battered for his East of the Mississippi mistake!  (Bring it!!! I’m tough!)

Our latest projects.

  • Eric watches the future of powertrains get installed in an electric car.
  • Daryl searches for the perfect Chevy steel rim.


  • Nissan has a car carrier disaster going on in the Pacific.
  • More Nissan woes…  Carlos Goshn is rotting in a Japanese prison cell.
  • $7500.00 Federal EV tax credits have been gobbled up!  Thanks to GM???
  • Illinois has some new car seat laws.  And we wonder why kids dont want cars when they turn 16?
  • Uftring Chevrolet in Washington is rebuilt!  State of the art facility built from the ground up after the catastrophic fire 2 years ago.

Daryl is quite sick of insurance companies and their mascots.

Daryl question the “Turo” concept.

Eric does a quick rundown of Elons 2018 in our “Moment of Musk”.

The infamous “Cars of the Week” segment… Its where we run amuck with fake checkbooks and find unusual autos for our virtual collections!

Thanks again for listening!  Post up pictures of your rig on our Facebook page for a chance to win… Something undetermined.

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