Episode – The Beast

Welcome to Ep 6!  We are getting a little more free-form with the show…  A touch of news and a lot of talk about the local Autocross event over the weekend.  We hope you enjoy.  Feedback is always appreciated!  info@throwinwrenches.com

On the show:

  1. Shout out to other local podcasts
  2. Sponsors?  We still need you… And you need us!
    Eric’s Car of the week
  3. Feedback
  4. Projects and personal news:
  5. Daryl:  Volvo Bushing update!
  6. Eric:  Autocross update with the folks over in Champaign at “Revenge of the cones”.   Photos:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/pNzM5ETUv3uqJhHE8
  7. Customer of the week:  The over-spender?
  8. National News:
    1. The New presidential limo… The Beast!  Eric and Daryl run down some of its features.
  9. Daryl’s car of the week

    Local News:

    1. Local car cruise info.  (Its like they were listening to Ep 5!)
    2. Spoon River Drive.  Daryl has some tips on where to stop.
  10. “Moment of Musk”
    1. Elon is dinged for a cool 20 million for popping off on twitter.  (Dont worry, he can afford it!)
  11. Question of the week:  The self serve kiosk at your local service department.  Yay or Nay?
  12. Cars of the week:
    1. Daryl:  1927 Chrysler Roadster on Facebook Marketplace.  https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/325924017975342/
    2. Eric:  1967 Toyota 2000GT LHD on Bring a Trailer.  https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1967-toyota-2000gt/
  13. Documentary on Lime Rock Park.  Check it out!

Thanks again for listening!  See you at Cars and Coffee this Saturday!



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  1. Very much enjoying the show, even with who I work for!

    Makes my days in the shop that much more enjoyable. Keep up the informative and entertaining work!

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