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Episode 62 – Jason Daily Interview

The Autopodcast that is always bringing you new guests! In fairness, we also bring you old guests… but that’s not the point. 

On this episode of Throwin’ Wrenches:

  • We bring on a trained racecar driver… but he is not The Stig.
  • There are other cool things in Illinois besides Rivian. Sixteen of them, in fact.
  • We are going to talk SCCA racing. Lots and lots of SCCA Racing!

As always, thanks for listening to this show. If you’d like to join in on the fun or tell us what you think of this episode, email us at info@throwinwrenches.com or post a review on iTunes to be heard around the world and make Eric a happy camper.

Just like Catlin did this past week.

Thanks, Catlin! We’re happy to help enable folks to add more cars and trucks to their collection.


Fort’s Toyota of Pekin

Sales: (866) 984-0593
Service: (877) 968-7204

Gabe Casey

Gabe’s Garage
And an all-around swell guy

Driven Insurance Agency

(309) 270-2103

About Our Guest: Jason Daily

When he’s not busy running an insurance agency or being a Dad, Jason likes to spend time fishing. When he’s not connecting with nature on a peaceful lake somewhere, he can also be found behind the wheel of his Nissan 350Z. It’s not your average commuter car. No, sir… this Z is prepared for the autocross circuit. It’s a wicked machine that commands respect.

Jason’s mild manners and chill demeanor hide the fact that he’s an ice-cold, corner-carving competitor when it comes to motorsports. And he has the hardware to back it up.
Eric and Daryl invited Jason onto the program to talk about how he got into autocross, and learn more about his passion for getting new drivers into the sport. We also preview some of the events that the Central Illinois Region of the Sports Car Club of America has planned for the 2022 season. There’s also talk of Jason’s involvement in a certain Fort’s Toyota GR Supra track car that many listeners are already familiar with. You’ll want to catch the entire interview for all of the details.

Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in getting involved with the CIR SCCA as a volunteer or participant in some of the local events. You’ll be glad you did!

Connect with CIR SCCA

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Connect with Jason 

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TWISM: This Week in Social Media

Fact or Fiction: Coca-Cola could lower car fuel consumption?

Source: KGTV San Diego

An ad going around online appears to show Coca-Cola being poured into a car’s gas tank with the caption “Simple trick to lower car fuel consumption by 55%.”

So should you take a stab at pouring Coke into your car?

Definitely not.

The website Snopes clicked on the ad, which did lead to a page advertising EcoPlus which is a technical device that connects to your car.

But in an email, the company said the ad is not theirs and Coke is not related to their product.

Experts agree putting Coca-Cola in a gas tank can ruin your car.

More Than Rivian: 16 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Were Made In Illinois

Reboot llinois put together a fantastic list of 16 things that are made in Illinois. Guess what? Rivian didn’t make the list, even though they were voted the “coolest thing made in Illinois”.  We didn’t want to short-change our fellow Illinois manufacturers, so we combed through the list and were fairly surprised by what they found right here in the Land of Lincoln.

Did you know that these 16 things are made in Illinois?

  • Horseradish
  • Solo Cups
  • Handi-foil
  • Weather Tech Floor Liners
  • Medline Medical Equipment
  • Hobbico Models
  • Nestle Candy
  • First Alert Safety Products
  • Tootsie Rolls
  • Hershey’s Candy
  • Quaker Oats
  • Vienna Beef Hot Dogs
  • Astro-Physics Telescopes
  • Riddell Sports Equipment
  • Kraft Mac and Cheese
  • Beer Nuts

What’s your vote for the coolest thing made in Illinois? Let us know at info@throwinwrenches.com.

Cars of the Weak

Eric: 1989 Dodge Dakota Convertible  – $1,000
Source: Facebook Marketplace (Sold)

I finally found it… my dream convertible Dodge Dakota pickup. And the best part is it’s in nearby Bloomington, Illinois! 

What’s up with that? 

In all honesty, it’s a project truck that will never be caught dead in my garage… but a man can dream, can’t he? 

Daryl :1985 Chevrolet Citation II – $3,950
Source: Facebook Marketplace

I know what you’re thinking. This is a car that should have been crushed 20+ years ago. Why are you even considering this for a Car of the Weak? I like to consider myself a preservationist. I keep things around to ensure future generations can appreciate their historical significance. That extends to this final-year GM X-body model that happens to wear the tarnished Citation nameplate.

After a splashy debut as “GM’s Front Runners for the 80s”, the shininess wore off after steering racks that leaked and bound up, carburetors that fell out of adjustment, and exhaust systems rusted out in a year or two. Several other quirky design features didn’t go over so well. It was so bad that they revised these the year before to be the Citation II (Think Coke II). It was new and improved with fuel injection, a digital AM/FM stereo radio in that awful double-DIN style to replace the VERICAL radio from the previous generation. Lots of fixes after it was too late. That’s GM’s way. They did it with the Corvair, and the Fiero.

By 1985, anyone buying a Citation that wasn’t a fleet or rental car was a sucker. I want to make sure we learn from our FWD mistakes. That’s why this should come home with me. 83,000 mile car from MO that was owned by the guy’s grandma. AC, automatic and a gutless Iron Duke 2.5 four-cylinder. It’s checking all of my boxes.

Jason: 2014 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 Brabus B63S-700 – Sold for $1,170,000
Source: Bring a Trailer

From the BaT listing: This 2014 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 is one of approximately 100 examples built in Graz, Austria, by Magna Steyr between 2013 and 2015. It was subsequently modified with the Brabus B63S-700 package, which consists of the Brabus 700 engine upgrade as well as carbon-fiber body elements, LED lighting, and quilted leather upholstery. Power comes from a twin-turbocharged 5.5-liter V8 that sends power to all six wheels through an AMG Speedshift 7G-Tronic seven-speed automatic transmission, a dual-range transfer case, and five electronic differential locks.

Equipment includes a central tire inflation system, Öhlins suspension, 18″ Hutchinson beadlock wheels, a wood-paneled bed, heated and ventilated seats, and navigation. The truck was imported to the US under a “show or display” exemption, and it was previously listed on BaT in December 2021 and was subsequently acquired by the selling dealer. The differential lock intensifiers, front brake pads, brake fluid, and a propellor shaft were replaced in 2021, and the battery was replaced in 2022. This G63 AMG 6×6 has 8k miles and is offered with NHTSA “show or display” paperwork, service records, a clean Carfax report, and a clean Arizona title.

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