Episode – Autoshows, Cars & Coffee and Used Oil

Thanks for listening to the Automotive Podcast that Peoria… Desires?  (Still working on the catchphrase!)

Peoria Cars and Coffee finally happened!  We have a little roundup of the turnout.  (It was awesome BTW)  Burnouts are still a thing???  Apparently they are!  (Side note, the big reveal was released since we recorded…  CC Peoria will be at the Levee District for the May event)

Let’s talk auto shows

Eric and Daryl had the opportunity to get out to the Peoria Auto Show before the event opened for Media and Dealer night.  Friend of the show Regan popped in as well.

The Peoria Auto Show is a great accomplishment and you should personally thank all the dealers who contribute the funds and time to make it work.  No other events are like this in Downstate, and it’s a great opportunity to see all makes and models under one roof without having to go to Chicago.

We did have to take a few minutes and wonder “out-loud” about the emcee for the night…  Roy Firestone.   The ESPN star brings with him a treasure trove of experience and history from his years interviewing some of the greatest athletes in the world.  We were really hoping to hear of parallels in great sporting battles and the car business… Instead, we got the Mohamed Ali VS Howard Kosel rap.  Seriously.  It was strained.   (Daryl said to be nice…  Eric said, “let’s keep it real!”)


For this episode’s news roundup, we decided to chatter a bit about this local auto show and others.  Shanghai Auto Show is going on… And we touch briefly on the fact that EV’s are all the rage at the Asia-Centric show.  The New York Auto Show is also going on, and that leads us to the centerpiece of the show.

USA Today’s list of a few big tech upgrades to watch for at this years NY Autoshow

  1. Digital Keys
  2. In Car Cameras…  Looking back at the driver!
  3. Full-windshield Heads-Up displays.
  4. Wheres 4???  It didn’t print!
  5. Giant Touchscreens!
  6. More driver assistance features!

India and Classic Cars

Ever heard of the Historical Vehicles of India?  Neither had Eric until Daryl schooled him up on an interesting movement going on in India.  Seems the older generation is recognizing that the youngsters today are not in full appreciation of the world of motoring.  India has a group working hard to change that.

Daryl brings up a great interview with Craig Jackson from Barrett/Jackson Auctions and how they believe this may be the last hurrah for combustion engines!  Say it’s not so??!!??

The Last Chase!  Does anyone else remember this movie about an old race car driver who takes his gas-powered car out for one last drive in a world of golf carts?

An autonomous Moment of Musk?

Riff Zone

Theft!  Eric talks about when a technician is accused of theft… What do you do?  The customer is always right…. Right?

“Did you guys find a gun in my car?”  That was a question Eric got this week.

Daryl has more issues with the local parts shop… This time they are dodging his used oil!  Why is it so hard to get rid of?  Eric lets you in on a little insider secret.

Cars of the Week

Eric: 1978 Mercedes Benz SL found on Facebook Marketplace in Armington, IL.

Love that German metal on a chassis that stayed nearly the same for 20 years.  Timeless!

$7000 brings it home.

Daryl: 2010 Range Rover HSE.

She’s a fraction of her original cost at 15,995 on Ebay right now!  Because I’m an idiot, I’ve been looking at used Land 

Rover Range Rovers on the L322 platform built between 2002 and 2012. This era is a strange hybrid between BMW, Ford, and Jaguar parts… but they’re fairly well-built and Jeremy Clarkson called his the “best car he’s owned”.

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