Hard edges – The Tesla Cybertruck

OK… I know we are all feeling the same way about this new Tesla “Cybertruck”. Is it scary? Does it lack design? Is it a practical joke? Is it a poor man’s Batmobile? Perhaps Elon is secretly prepping us for his Mars vehicle. Have we seen this truck in a H.R. Giger landscaped movie or something James Cameron devised for the Terminator?

I don’t think it’s a joke. I think Elon really believes that these hard edges are the sci-fi future design that will get him and his customers noticed when they make the all-electric truck purchase. Why buy something that is indistinguishable from the other truck driving masses, only to see on the chrome emblem that its an EV? No, this uber tough, folded steel vehicle will be known as a Tesla truck from a mile away.

Maybe Elon has a deeper thought process in his design for the Truck with the sincere safety of his owners in mind.  Is he purposely building it with bold lines and strong steel to protect you from the onslaught of autonomous tractor trailers and and driver-less passenger cars with sleeping occupants that will menacing future highways? He, more than anyone, should have a clear picture of what the roads will look like in the post 2030 landscape.

From a purchasing standpoint, this truck may play well for the in-town driving metrosexual who needs a place to throw some Duraflame logs or his cloned Labrador. But, how will these harsh design lines resonate with the tree-hugging, Patagonia-wearing, outdoor-loving millionaires it seems to be aimed at?

They love bright attention-grabbing colors on their tents, jackets and apparel. In a practical sense they might be more visible from a rescue chopper if they are lost in the wilderness outside of Teluride. The bright designs also give them a weekend counter-design from the sea of black North Face gear worn during the Monday-to-Friday grind. Does this trapezoid vehicle grab enough attention to be added to their “essential gear” shopping list found in an Outside Magazine?

I, for one, am not ready to succumb to this dreary future-tech looking vehicle. As a matter of fact, I think there might be room to swing the pendulum the opposite direction.

How about softening the aesthetic to blend in to your surroundings? Can someone build and design a truck or SUV that accentuates the environment so well that we don’t see it parked and forget we drove in the first place?

Can we accurately camouflage a vehicle? How about this: Can we bring back the “Woody” in hopes that its playful rough-hewn exterior will blend in and not distract us from our mission of going outdoors?

One way or another, Elon always seems to get the job done. I have no doubts that he will be pushing this vehicle as the “second coming”, that is until the next “second coming” comes around. But, will he concede this design if consumers don’t pre-order this EV Truck as fast a bargain priced Model 3? We shall see!

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