TW Interview – Regan from Toyota

We have had him on the show a few times… But we have never dove into the story of how Regan got to the hallowed position of Field Technical Specialist with Toyota.

Along the way during this “interview”…  We talk about how a kid from the Northern Illinois town of Freeport goes from vocational classes at High School to the Automotive Engineering program at SIU Carbondale.   The options were unlimited when it comes to taking a job post-college.  Why did he choose Toyota?

Also in this show we touch on a subject that has been making the news.  We talk about the looming tech crisis and what can we expect in our service centers as techs become short supply.  Is it real?  Is it a media scare.  Regan has some thoughts on this subject and we talk a lot about future tech and how it will be applied at the dealer level in the coming years.

We hope you enjoy this show.   We love getting “car folks” on the show.  If you know someone who might make a great interview.  Let us know!

Thanks again for listening!

Eric and Daryl




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