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Daryl and Eric are pretty thrilled to share this interview.  Sometimes we work and struggle to get guests on the show…  and other times an opportunity falls in our lap.  This was the latter.

While talking to a customer a few weeks ago, the customer made mention that his Grandfather was George Beres.  That name might ring a bell as it was synonymous with auto sales in Pekin since the 1950’s.  One thing lead to another, and Eric is giving his 30-second “elevator pitch” to Mr. Beres in hopes he would do the show.

George gladly accepted.

Candy to Cars

Beres TV Spot from 1979
Beres Motor Company TV commercial (1979) 
Video Credit: Steve Shaw, Retro Peoria

We sat down at George’s house and wandered down a timeline that starts in a popular hangout called Princess Candy Kitchen and ends up with the first car dealership on “Auto Row” in Pekin.

Beres Motorcars was founded in Pekin, Illinois in the days when salesmen sold cars from a storefront downtown.  Packard and Studebaker were the foundation of his career and were longtime independent staples for Midwestern motorists. Through this interview, you will find out how Mercedes-Benz comes into the Beres Motorcars story.

If you are a lover of Central Illinois history or a fan of the Mercedes Benz franchise…  This is a great show for you.   George is sharp as a tack and remembers all the details!

We’d like to express our sincere gratitude to George for taking the time to share some automotive history with us, and thank you for listening.


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