Episode 75 – Tech Talk With Regan

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Welcome to the auto podcast that’s hunting for lost cats.  But then decided to talk about Techs.

Well, that was the plan…  We had some stories about catalytic converters and a Moment of Musk all set up for this show… And then Eric and Regan had one of their “state of the automotive technician” conversations they have when they are talking at work.

Let’s talk about techs… Baby.  Let’s talk about what the automotive technician and his roles look like in the future.  Let’s REALLY talk about it.  So we kinda free-formed this episode for a few reasons. One, we had a returning professional guest who added a great deal of insight into a topic many listeners in the automotive industry find to be a growing concern: The challenges facing the future of the automotive service industry.  .None of this Mike Rowe, everything is glorious in the trades BS we are hearing.  Also… What are you getting when you hit the trade schools?  Who is the tech of the future?

There’s a lot of great conversation in this episode. We know you’ll enjoy it.

We will have those cat stories in a week or two… You’ll survive!  Maybe we can get a law expert on the next ep?

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We’ll be back in a few with more automotive nonsense. As always, thanks for listening to the show.

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