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Episode 89 – Furia Malibu Blues

Welcome to the auto podcast that is looking for supercars….  In Portugal 

On this episode of Throwin’ Wrenches…  

  •  We are singing the Mali-Blues
  • Three Words… RACE DAILY KILL
  • Portugal joins the world of sports car producing nations

All that and more on This episode of Throwin’ Wrenches. 

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Eric: Celica near-breakdown in Ottawa – tensioner installed incorrectly!!!

Daryl: Bork is broke. Nearly put the driveshaft through the floor thanks to a center support bushing that disintegrated. Limped it home and need to drop it all and measure to get the correct parts. Hagerty said Volvo 140 series cars are up 15% in value these days, so I should probably repair it. 



There are 9 generations of Malibu to pull from…  How do we choose the best for Race Daily Kill???

1964 Malibu SS

1978 Malibu Sedan

2024 Malibu RS (9th gen)
Engine 283 cid V8 3.3 liter V6 1.5 liter Turbo-4
HP 220 hp 95 hp 163 hp
Wheelbase 115″ 108″ 111.4″
Weight 2987 lbs 3000 lbs 3200 lbs
Top Speed 109 mph 101 mph 130 mph


The Chevy Malibu, the brand’s last sedan, will end production

By Peter Valdes-Dapena, CNN

The Chevrolet Malibu, the last sedan still sold by General Motors’ biggest selling brand, will end production this year, the company announced.

Malibu production will end in November as the factory that builds it, the Fairfax Assembly Plant in Kansas City, Kansas, is reconfigured to build a new generation of the Chevrolet Bolt EV.

With the Malibu’s demise, General Motors’ mainstream Chevrolet brand will sell only trucks, SUVs, and the Corvette, a two-seat sports car, in the United States.

Fake Airbags, Real Consequences: Used Car Dealership Faces $400,000+ Penalty

FenderBender Staff Reporters May 7, 2024

A customer discovered a device in their car that concealed that the airbag had been deployed.

A used car dealership in Wichita, Kansas, previously fined for failing to inform a customer that the vehicle they purchased had a deployed airbag, now faces a penalty of approximately $418,000. This comes after the discovery that an additional 13 customers were sold vehicles without airbags. The information was obtained by the Wichita Eagle from the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office.

The issue surfaced when a customer discovered an airbag simulator device in their car, which concealed the fact that the airbag had been deployed.

The dealership, now prohibited from operating, is owned by Kayode D. Ajibolade and Abidemi M. Aluko. Ajibolade stated that customers are informed about the vehicle’s accident history and that they do not guarantee anything regarding the airbags.

He also mentioned that the dealership was previously fined $20,000 in 2019 due to inadequate legal representation. The recent case was initiated after a man from Olathe discovered that the car he bought for his daughter had deployed airbags.

The court has revoked CarNation’s business license in Kansas and issued a permanent injunction preventing them from selling any motor vehicles in the state.

All New U.S. Vehicles to Have Automatic Emergency Braking After 2029

Fender Bender

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that all new vehicles sold in the U.S. must be equipped with automatic emergency braking systems by September 2029.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) this week said that all new vehicles sold in the U.S. must be equipped with automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems by September 2029, reports Reuters.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a spike in pedestrian traffic deaths, with 2023 seeing a fatality rate higher than any pre-pandemic year since 2008. In 2022, the number of pedestrian deaths rose by 0.7%, marking a new record since 1981. With the passage of the 2021 infrastructure law, NHTSA was directed to implement standards for AEB.

After 2029, all cars and trucks must be able to stop and avoid collision with vehicles in front of them at a speed of up to 62 mph. In the event that collision with a vehicle is imminent, AEB must be applied at up to 90 mph. When a pedestrian is detected, AEB must be applied up to 45 mph.

NHTSA claimed that the new rule will save 360 lives each year and prevent 24,000 injuries. In 2016 a voluntary agreement was made by 20 automakers, stating that they would make AEB standard on nearly all U.S. vehicles. In 2023, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that all 20 automakers have followed through thus far, having equipped 95% of their products with AEB.

Protect your bond: Navigating the effects of rising temperatures on adhesives

Fender Bender

In the summer of 2023, the United States witnessed record-breaking heat waves that underscored a trend of increasingly hotter summers. This climatic shift not only challenges our daily comfort but also puts specialized products like adhesives under unprecedented strain. Adhesives play a critical role in various industries, particularly in automotive collision repair, where their application and strength are crucial. Understanding how extreme temperatures and humidity can impact adhesives is essential for maintaining their efficacy. Parker Lord explores the science behind adhesive performance in scorching conditions and provides a comprehensive guide to safeguarding your bonds against the summer heat.

Understanding the 2023 temperature surge

The summer of 2023 has been marked by extreme heat across the U.S., with temperatures frequently soaring above historical averages. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), numerous regions experienced temperatures that exceeded the 90 degrees F mark, significantly affecting the performance and application of adhesives. This trend toward hotter summers is not new but reflects an ongoing climatic shift that demands adaptation and informed product usage.

Summer’s toll on adhesives

Understanding how temperature and humidity affects adhesives is just as important as identifying the proper adhesives for your application.

“High temperatures can drastically reduce working times, while elevated humidity levels can affect cure rates, especially in one-component products,” says Parker Lord’s Leif Hansson, Fusor – OEM and Automotive Aftermarket Technical Account Manager for North America

Adapting practices and selecting products with these factors in mind is a necessity to ensure durable repairs and applications.

NEW SEGMENT!  Super Car News Search:

We have been maligned in the past for digging around the virtual junk heaps of the automotive digital arena for content for the show.  Yes… Mid-80s domestics do come up too often here!  

In this new segment..  We will type in the words “Super Car” in a Google news search and then serve you up the freshest news from the bleeding edge of the industry.  

This week’s candidate…  Portugal’s first dip in the Super Car arena… The Adamster (Not to be confused with Adam Ant or Ant Music) Furia.  FURIA!  Hyper masculine naming rules the segment and Furia screams of testosterone injection systems.  That said…  Can you be Vin Diesel and fit in one of these cars?  I always felt these were for the Richard Hammond-sized guys?  

Here is a link to the Robb Report…  I do not go to this sight… EVERY.  I thought Robb Report was for casual browning at Barnes and Noble.  I feel fancy reading a 20 dollar magazine while my wife browses for some soft core disguised as high art.  

What a weird bit of writing these guys have.  Reviewer, Bryan Hood, must have a second monitor with Thesaurus.com up when he writes reviews.

The review mentions Christiano Ronaldo.  A hot Portuguese actress?  Google says…  Soccer Player.  Seriously?  Who are we advertising for?  The hottest Portuguese woman I can find on a quick search is Nelly Furtado.  That would be a good reference…  For me anyway…  How about saying this car “is like a bird”?  Or how about…  “Whoa Nelly, this chassis can take flight”?  

Mills?  Is that some kind of reference to Engine?  When I say “Motor”… I get made fun of.  If I say “Mill” I feel like I am opening myself up for attack by the Quaker oat man.

Grunt?  Thats in reference to HP.  Maybe there is an old English Thesaurus?


Add this to the list of other great named makes from Portugal.  ALBA, 

Moment of Musk

Elon Musk lobbies on X for his $46.5 billion Tesla pay package

By Kate Conger and Jack Ewing NYTimes News Service 

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, offered a personal tour of the electric carmaker’s factory in Austin, Texas, to select shareholders this week.

“Please let us know if you have any questions about voting your Tesla shares!” Musk wrote on X, the social media platform he owns.

88 Mil a week.  Can’t argue with that!

Cars of the Weak (All Italian edition?)  Molto Bene!  

Eric: Im going APE!

First… I was thinking  cool little convertible would be nice… How about a 3 wheeler with a sidecar?  That would be cool.  How about a TUK TUK?  Do they sell them in the US?

Google says … YES!  Ali baba says I can get them for 1800 bucks.  Ummmm  Not sure that is show up to human scale.  Google also says…  Texas Tuks Tuks has some!

Used classics are cool…  Then I found the new!

This one has tap handles??!?!?!?!  I could side-hustle a beer tap truck!Wait… They have a cafe Tuk Tuk!!!!  Hold the phones!  They have a whole damn cafe!!!

This is how bad ideas get started… I just stare stepped myself from a 10k used TUK to a 33K cafe model!!!!  WTF???

Anyone want a Cafe and a Bagette with Brie?  That’ll be $14.75.  Do that 2372.88 times… And I will have it paid off!

Maybe this is not a great idea???

Also… This APE thing… I didnt know APE was a name synonymous with Tuk’s

Daryl: 1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal  – $87,500

Source: Hyman LTD

Alfa Romeo received a tremendous honor in late 1966 when it was selected to create a conceptual exhibit of man’s aspiration for the automobile at the 1967 International and Universal Exposition, held in Montreal. Alfa assigned coachwork duties to Bertone, and the project was spearheaded by Marcelo Gandini, the young designer who had leapt to the forefront of the automotive imagination with the Lamborghini Miura.

Two identical prototypes were prepared for the exhibition, and Gandini did not disappoint. Channeling many of the same cues that made the Miura so innovative, the new Alfa was wide and low with a shark-like nose extending through a curved fender and shoulder haunches into a truncated tail. The headlight “blinds” and stacked horizontal vents on the C-pillar were attractive, as well as futuristic in concept.

Strong customer interest prompted Alfa to develop a production version, which continued to be based on the respected 105 Series chassis, as with the Expo show cars. A new direction was taken for the model’s engine, however. Discarding the 105’s standard twin-cam inline-four, Alfa’s engineers installed a modified version of the competition-pedigreed V-8 from the Tipo 33 Stradale prototype race car. Featuring aluminum alloy construction, dual overhead-cam actuation, and a dry-sump lubrication system, the advanced racing engine provided the new production model with nearly unprecedented power for an Alfa road car.

Just 3,925 examples of the appropriately named Montreal were built between 1971 and 1975. It is estimated that as many as 100 examples had made their way to American shores as recently as a few years ago. The landmark design on the resume of the great Marcelo Gandini features one of Alfa Romeo’s most legendary motors, and the Montreal has arguably grown to be Milan’s most iconic road car of the 1970s.

According to its Certificato di Origine, this gorgeous 1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal was built on July 29, 1971, and destined for the Italian market. Imported to the US in 2018, the car is a recent Alfa Romeo Owners Club Concours award winner and is offered with its tool kit, certificate of origin, RIAR Homologation Certificate, papers, and literature. Finished in its original color combination of Rosso over Nero interior, it is very well-presented and restored to original specification. The paint and bodywork are quite attractive overall, with just a few minor blemishes picked up from use on the road. Panel fit is quite good, and the detailing is crisp and well defined. A set of proper Campagnolo alloy wheels provides the finishing touch.

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